Celebrities give sneak peek inside their beach houses


Some celebrities are just so in love with the beach, they decided to buy a home alongside the sea to get their daily dose of peace and relaxation.

Unang Hirit on Tuesday gave invited some of them to give a sneak peek of their beautiful and serene homes beside paradise.

1. Glaiza de Castro. A renowned surfing enthusiast, Glaiza de Castro opened Casa Galura in Baler, Aurora. It’s a B&B beach house that was completed in 2019 after more than a decade in show business.

The house, Glaiza said, is inspired by the very characters she played through the years.

According to Glaiza, surfing helps her deal with stress and stop her negative thinking. It really only makes sense for her to build her very own beach house.

2. Sam Pinto. Not only is Sam Pinto a beach lover, but she’s also an owner of a beach resort! In 2017, she opened her mermaid-inspired boutique resort called L’Sirene also in Baler, Aurora.

On her free time, Sam also loves to surf. “It’s a different kind of high, to be able to stand up the board,” she said. “It’s a thrilling two seconds of your life,” she added.

3. Ryan Agoncillo. It’s no secret that the Agoncillo family loves the beach.

Because “Eat Bulaga” host Ryan Agoncillo and his wife Judy Anne Santos wanted to bring their three children closer to nature, the two decided to get their own rest house in Batangas.

Whenever they would stay in their beach home, the couple had a strict no-gadget policy so their kids, Lucho, Yohan, and Luna can freely enjoy nature.

4. Alice Dixson. We all know how Alice Dixson has made Boracay her second home.

According to the “Legal Wives” actress, she was able to buy a vacation house with a balcony from which she can glimpse the world-famous white sand beach. 

— Kaela Malig/LA, GMA News

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