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Marie Osmond on Betty White, female friendships: ‘As women, we’re supposed to complete each other’

After working in the entertainment industry for over six decades, Marie Osmond knows a bit about performing with legends, but also about being one. But recently, it’s the passing of iconic actress and her Maybe This Time co-star Betty White that has the 62-year old singer, actress and author thinking about her own place in the world. Osmond tells Yahoo Life that White, who passed away in December 2021 weeks before her 100th birthday, “was like a second mom” to her. During one of their last talks, Osmond says she and White spoke about getting nervous before a performance and how to use those feelings for good. “She always had those nerves behind her,” Osmond says. “And both of us said that when people lose that, then [they] lose [their] passion, right? You have to want — you have to have that energy behind you to make you go out and do a good job. She always had that, and we both had said when you lose that you should retire and try something new.” Osmond, who spoke with Yahoo Life as part of her work as a Nutrisystem ambassador, says her key to not losing her passion for performing comes from finding a good work-life balance. “I’ve been very blessed to see my work as work and my life as life,” she says. “I think that’s where in show business a lot of people get lost. Maybe their self-worth is invested only in their work. But I love life and I don’t have to be on stage to be happy. I can always be happy.”

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