Casino Games Played by Celebrities

Many celebrities play different sports, video games, or visit casinos during their free time. Macau and Las Vegas casinos attract many tycoons and celebrities each year. Unlike middle-income gamblers who largely depend on bonuses, celebrities are high-roller players who access different premium features. The following are six casino games that many celebrities play.


Slots are available in this online casino and others to all gamblers. Pamela Anderson likes playing slots. You can find some machines with her photo in the reels. David Gest, a renowned music producer is an ardent slots fan. Despite being broke for some time, David still played slots. People from all cultural and financial backgrounds can play Cinderella slots on phones. Cristiano Ronaldo, Usain Bolt, and Paris Hilton have been promoting casino gambling of late. You can place slot bets throughout the year and withdraw your winnings.


Some people associate roulette with celebrities. Adventurous players who like having an adrenaline rush enjoy it when the wheels rotate in a casino. Tiger Woods has been spotted severally in Las Vegas casinos playing roulette. Charles Barkley, an NBA star is also a high-roller player.


Craps thrill many celebs. For example, Ray Romano, a popular American comedian plays craps regularly. The “Everybody loves Raymond” sitcom made him famous worldwide. John McCain, a former U.S. presidential candidate is craps die-hard who often plays it in 24-hour sessions. Michael Jordan, an NBA legend often plays craps when he is free. His gaming skills match those of John and Romano.


Many celebrities consider vital factors like the operating license, customer service, reputation, and security when they sign up in online casinos. Blackjack attracts celebrities who like playing poker. It requires critical thinking to defeat an experienced opponent. Many Hollywood films feature blackjack thus playing a key role in popularizing it.

Ben Affleck and Tiger Woods don’t hide their passion for blackjack. Reports claim that Tiger won $20,000 in a particular blackjack game while Ben won $800,000 in a different game and gave the dealers $150,000. Some casinos banned Ben Affleck claiming that he had violated gaming rules.


A-list stars including celebrities frequently visit casinos to play poker. Jennifer Tilly, a popular Hollywood actor is an ardent poker fan who places high stakes. She featured in The Haunted Mansion and the Liar Liar. Jennifer led in the 2005 Poker Ladies Championship World Series and won $365,000. Surprisingly, she spent her winnings on other poker games. Toby Maguire, a famous Hollywood star attended several poker lessons to defeat other celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Ben Affleck.


Some people don’t consider baccarat as appealing as poker and blackjack. Gladys Knight, fondly known as “The Soul Empress” liked playing baccarat. She is reported to have spent $40,000 in one session. Ian Fleming is another baccarat fan who sets James Bond to play the game in high-end casinos. Fleming wrote James Bond novels. Besides, some film versions have changed some casino game scenes.

Celebrities play casino games to end boredom while others earn extra income from them. Slots, roulette, raps, blackjack, poker, and baccarat are the most popular casino games among celebrities. They place huge stakes on high-risk games to increase their profit margins.

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