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Absolutely everybody is wondering whether Johnny Depp’s overly polite attitude towards lawyer Camille Vazquez has more to it than it looks. The attorney who has been leading the trial against Amber Heard has become an overnight sensation mostly for her interactions with the actor. But this shouldn’t be taken as a surprise, Johnny gets along with women just fine when those women are not Amber Heard.

The man may have his demons to fight but there have been very few ladies who have bad things to say about him. We are not saying he is a saint, nobody is perfect. But these interactions with Camille Vazquez sure left a lot to the imagination of people who have their mind in the gutter. The attorney didn’t help either with her most recent reaction to a question from TMZ.

Camille keeps quiet after being pressed by TMZ.

In a video originally posted by Extra and later spread by TMZ, the camera handler directly asked Camille Vazquez if she was dating Johnny Depp as she was leaving court. The attorney simply smiled at the camera and completely ignored the question. Moments after that, the camera kept following her while she spoke to fans who praised her for her work inside the court room.

The reality is that Camille truly likes the attention she’s been getting, there is no way she will jeopardize that by answering such a direct question. Plus, her work would be compromised if she accepted anything remotely related to her dating Johnny in public. But could this be a possibility?

Even though we’ve searched everywhere just to know if we can report on anything, the truth is that there is no evidence to support this theory other than those videos inside the court room. Depp is simply a polite and charming man who is grateful to Camille for doing her work so well.

Other than that, these two are definitely keeping it professional and cfriendly. It’s very likely they have become friends for the time they’ve spent together working on the case but they haven’t gone further than that. Her reaction in this video could be confused for a woman who is keeping her cards close to the vest but that’s as far as the speculation goes.

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