Bruce Willis’ tender birthday kisses to wife Emma Heming as he battles aphasia – MARCA

Bruce Willis keeps going through the aphasia diagnostic as best as he can with wife Emma taking care of him. She just posted a story on her birthday with the actor kissing her. Bruce does look much older in the images, he looks frail as well. Going through this challenging moment has been rough for wife Emma, who is standing beside her husband despite all the problems that come with such a diagnosis.

Bruce is now trying to enjoy his family life as much as he can and Saturday was a good day for everybody. Emma Heming Willis turns 44 and she’s been celebrating since Friday. In her stories, she posted a couple of videos where the actor appears smiling.

In the first one, Emma is opening her presents as Bruce watches how she films him during the special moment. The second video is a lot more endearing as Emma is getting ‘birthday kisses’ from Bruce, who is looking older than usual. It is still unclear if this frail-looking Bruce is experiencing the effects of aphasia or the camera angle was off.

But fans all around the world are starting to worry about him, all they care about is for Bruce Willis to remain healthy. At least he looks happy with his wfe by his side. We aren’t getting him back acting so we might as well enjoy the little updates we all get from him.

Emma Heming’s struggles with taking care of Bruce.

As Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma Heming Willis is the person who will have to take care of him while he struggles with aphasia. She’s previously stated how challenging this time has been for her but she is taking it surprisingly well. Despite her recent comments about going through a hard time through this journey, she’s been willing to go through the ringer for Bruce.

In fact, everybody loves Bruce Willis and any type of emotional support Emma gets for her time spent with Willis is a constant in her life. Images of previous years as a couple have been flooding social media, she is happy regardless of the situation.

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