Bruce Springsteen’s daughter participates in the Olympics | Celebrities


Bruce Springsteen’s daughter will be competing in the Tokyo Olympics.

29-year-old Jessica Rae Springsteen (with his wife Patissiafa), the second child of the Born to Run hit maker, was selected to join Team USA as part of his equestrian team next month. I am planning to go to Japan for the tournament. ..

The United States Equestrian Federation, the national governing body for sports, has Jessica on a 12-year-old stallion Don Juan Vande Donhove, along with Kent Farrington, Laura Kraut and McLain Ward, Brian Mogre and Lucy Des Laurier as a reserve.

Jessica’s expectations for the Olympics were shattered in 2016 due to an ongoing leg problem with her horse, and she was only on the team as an alternative rider.

However, she has represented her country several times at the FEI Nations Cup and other events, and has recently admitted that doing so has made her “dream” come true.

She said earlier this year.

She states: “My dream is to always represent the United States in the championship, so I’m always working towards it.

“I feel like there is a really good show jumping group right now, so I will continue to do my best.”

Riders previously described their parents as “the biggest supporters.”

She said: “That’s great [my parents] Come and share it as a family — they are my biggest supporters.

“I do not think [my dad] I’m as nervous as my mother, but they both really love to come. So I’m glad they love it as much as I do. “

Equestrian legend Melanie Smith Taylor, who won the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics, previously praised Jessica as “paving her way” from her famous father.

She states: “She said early on that she didn’t want to be known alone as the daughter of Bruce Springsteen. She wanted to pave her way. She really does that. She really does. Thanks to the performance, I am very much at the elite level of sports. “

Bruce Springsteen’s daughter participates in the Olympics | Celebrities

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