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Britney Spears’ personal parents “work with a team of experts” to support the singer.

A “toxic” hit maker spoke in court last week to brand a guardian she was “abuse”, but insiders claim Jody Montgomery – he’s 39-year-old pop Was Star’s Long Term Care Manager September 2019 – Focusing on doing the best for our clients.

One source told People magazine:[Jodi has been] We worked with a team of experts to focus on providing Britney with tools for improvement. “

“I hope she can eventually get out of the guardianship system,” as Britney’s medical records are sealed and have never revealed a mental health problem.

The “strong” singer beat the treatment received from her conservator-restor, including her father Jamie Spears, but insiders claimed that those who oversaw her work were investigated by the court.

Sources said: “Under California law, all restorationists must be secretly investigated by the courts.

“We need to report on the progress. All conservator-restorers are closely monitored to ensure that there is no shade.”

Jamie is in charge of Britney’s finances and is deeply involved in her daily life due to the nature of the decisions he must make.

The insider explained: “Jamie is in charge of her finances, but he still needs to approve everything because everything is related to finances at the end of the day.

“If she wants to go to Hawaii, he has to approve it because it costs money. If she wants to take a friend to dinner, he approves it because it costs money. Jamie has the right to say no to certain things. “

When she spoke to court last week, who was the “lucky” singer with her son Sean Preston, 15, and ex-husband Kevin Federline, and 14-year-old Jayden, what his life was like? I admitted that I couldn’t believe it. It was under protection.

She said: “I never said it openly-I didn’t expect anyone to believe me.

“I’m not lying. I just want to regain my life. It’s been 13 years, but that’s enough. I want you to hear. I’ve been holding this for a long time-it’s Not good for my heart.

“I’m so angry and crying every day. For my sanity … I need to get it out of my heart. Anger, all of it.

“The main reason I’m here today is because I want to end the guardianship system without being evaluated.”

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