LOS ANGELES, Jan. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Silicon Valley’s BLK PRIME is taking the lead in the celebrity boxing phenomenon with their upcoming pay per view match; “Guns Down Gloves Up” between Popperazzi Po and King Earner; settling a long-standing rivalry between the rapper and the YouTube star. 

BLK PRIME presents “Guns Down Gloves Up” Celebrity Boxing Match Featuring Popperazzi Po VS King Earner

The well-established battle nearly culminated on the streets of New York in 2019 outside a Manhattan studio. King Earner has long voiced his disdain of Po’s father; drug dealer turned informant Alpo Martinez. At the time, King Earner was in a war of words with the elder Martinez when Po jumped in. Po then went to the studio to confront King Earner. The situation was diffused at that time, although their mutual hatred for each other has continued to escalate.

Both men are currently in training for the event with an incredibly capable team of trainers. Popperazzi Po is training with Hector Camacho Jr, and 3x world champion boxer Zab Judah.

King Earner is training with Philly legend and Hall of Famer Ivan Robinson.

We wanted to give these two men an opportunity to end this once and for all, and what better way than in an environment which neither has any edge over the other,” states Craig Vaughn, Chief Strategy Officer at BLK PRIME Vaughn continues; “Additionally, it moves the fight from the streets to the ring, and knowing this fight is something that the fans want to see – by making it available online around the world for only $10 BLK PRIME has achieved that goal.”

The resurgence of celebrity boxing was evidenced by the attention around Mike Tyson’s recent Pay Per View event where the undercard fight featured former NBA athlete Nate Robinson and YouTuber Jake Paul. That event highlighted the public’s intense interest in celebrity boxing.

BLK PRIME expects to announce the rest of the card in the coming weeks.

BLK PRIME is an American Entertainment Company founded by the Silicon Valley EFC Investment Group. BLK PRIME specializes in original programming including global streaming video on demand. The SVOD service provides entertainment in a variety of genres to viewers worldwide. BLK PRIME looks to fill a void in offering diverse entertainment to viewers around the world 24 hours a day.

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