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The pandemic has pushed children to pursue their interests and hobbies, including music, many music teachers faced employment issues.

Muzigal, an online music platform, was started by Lakshminarayana Yeluri in 2020 to support the music community. The Hyderabad-based startup is a community-led platform connects students, instructors, professional musicians, and music enthusiasts online, globally. The startup claims to have onboarded over 400 teachers, with over 100,000 learners having experienced the platform till now.

The pandemic may have brought the life around us to a standstill in many ways, many people have taken to online learning.

If you are looking for something creative to learn and practice, what better way than to follow a celebrity in the field? Unluclass, the latest offering by unlu, started by four serial entrepreneurs Vipul Agarwal, Akshay Pruthi, Anurag Dali, and Himanshu Periwal last year, is an online learning platform that provides in-depth masterclasses from celebrities from different fields.

One can learn the art of writing from Ruskin Bond, acting from Manoj Bajpayee, the nuances of singing from Monali Thakur or explore what goes into becoming a successful comedian from Johnny Lever. That’s as diverse a range as you can get.

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What role does diet, nutrients, and lifestyle play in preventing depression or in working your way through a treatment plan? One has to look at deeper physiological root causes before starting someone on anti-depressants.

There are several root causes which can trigger depression. These include the functioning of different systems within our body, chronic systemic inflammation triggered by specific foods, and deficiency of nutrients like protein, omega-3, iron, B12, zinc, and vitamin D.

Bhupender Nath, Founder and Managing Director,

The restaurant industry in India was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, and has had to reinvent itself to survive. Those who adopted new-age practices and innovative ideas have not just survived but also thrived. A good example of this is, a unilateral cloud kitchen based in Gurugram that offers numerous cuisines for home delivery under one roof.

Founded by Bhupender Nath of Dubai-based Passion F&B group, with Chef Sahil Singh as Culinary Head, VDeliver offers tasty fare from ten brands, each one helmed by a renowned and experienced chef in the field.

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