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Days after Canadian rocker Neil Young called for Spotify to remove his songs in protest to the streaming music service’s hosting of the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, it seemed some social media users believed Barry Manilow had also pulled his songs. Many offered their praise, as they showed their support for Young.

 “It seems Barry Manilow has joined Neil Young and Deleted Spotify over continuing to host Joe Rogan’s content. What do y’all think and who might be next? Our money is on Willie Nelson,” tweeted the official social media account for The Center For Cultural Power (@CultureStrike).

Political scientist Seth Masket (@smotus) was among Twitter users to praise the news, writing, “When Barry Manilow and Neil Young unite no army can stand against them.”

Screenwriter Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) posted, “Bravo Neil Young and Barry Manilow. Rogan’s disinformation endangers lives. I’m canceling my @Spotify.”

“He came and he gave without taking, oh Barry. Love seeing great artists of my generation standing up against Joe Rogan’s deadly misinformation on Spotify. Thank you Barry Manilow, Neil Young and Peter Frampton for being willing to lose $ for what’s right,” wrote trial lawyer Lisa Bloom (@LisaBloom).

Activist Amy Siskind (@Amy_Siskind) tweeted, “Barry Manilow joining Neil Young and pulling his music from Spotify. @barrymanilow I can’t smile without you, and fortunately was already streaming you this month on Apple.”

Others were a bit more mocking of the rumors, and that included comedian Dusty Slay (@dustyslay), who suggested, “First Neil Young now Barry Manilow? Soon old people won’t have anything to listen to on an app they didn’t know existed.”

Conservative writer Carmine Sabia (@CarmineSabia) pondered, “First Neil Young left Spotify over Joe Rogan and now Barry Manilow. Who is next? Flock of Seagullls? Captain & Tennille? Where does this attack on elevator music end?”

Copacabana And Other “Hits” Still On Spotify

However, the rumors that Manilow pulled his songs from Spotify had been greatly exaggerated.

As of Friday afternoon Barry Manilow’s songs still remained on Spotify. Roger Friedman of reported, “A rumor started that Barry Manilow, of all people, was pulling his music off the streamer in solidarity with Young. But Manilow never said a word, and no one knows where that started. Plus, Manilow sold his catalog in 2020 to Hipgnosis Music [sic]. He probably doesn’t have the right to yank it anyway.”

The rumors were so intense that Barry Manilow even weighed in on Twitter from his official account (@barrymanilow), “I recently heard a rumor about me and Spotify. I don’t know where it started, but it didn’t start with me or anyone who represents me.”

Other Celebrity Reactions

While Manilow didn’t join the protest with Neil Young, many celebrities have been publicly showing their support for his decision to pull his music. That included rocker Peter Frampton (@peterframpton), who tweeted, “Good for you Neil. I’ve always been an Apple guy for streaming. No Joe Rogan for me thank you! @neilyoung @SpotifyUSA”

“Misinformation about the vaccines is everybody’s problem. Neil Young is doing this because he wants rock and roll to exist and his fans to live. This other guy is a complete jackass who doesn’t give a sh*t about anybody or anything except himself,” noted singer Sabastian Bach (@sebastianbach).

Chris Barron (@thechrisbarron), lead singer of The Spin Doctors, was concise in his support, tweeting simply, “Down with Joe Rogan. Long live Neil Young! #DeletedSpotify”

“people who are like uhhhuhuh neil young is so woke he canceled himself are so cucked by capitalism they cannot fathom a person taking a principled position,” noted the official account for the California rock band Eve 6 (@Eve6).

And David Draiman (@davidmdraiman), singer of the Disturbed, seemed to be among those who show his support for Spotify if not exactly Rogan, tweeted, “@Spotify is a private company. They are not bound by 1st amendment protections. They didn’t HAVE to protect free speech. They CHOSE to. I like being able choose the things I want and don’t want. I don’t want others choosing for me. If YOU do, that’s YOUR choice.”

It could be argued that Neil Young and Barry Manilow are the big winners this week – along with Hipgnosis Music, which owns their catalogs. You just can’t buy this kind of press.

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