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Pro wrestling loves to include celebrities in the product. The ability to get celebrities to do a segment that will eventually be seen on SNL, ESPN, or Good Morning America is an appealing opportunity for many companies. Although, that does not mean that all the celebrity appearances have gone well, and that number decreases even more when they actually step in the ring. So much can go wrong, and it is hard for a celebrity to impress fans so much when they are watching professionals with decades of experience in every other match.

However, there are some celebrities that take the craft seriously and have impressed fans around the world so much that the fans are left wanting more and want to see the outside stars step back into the ring. Bad Bunny might be back for the Royal Rumble, and many in the WWE Universe would love to see him wrestle one more match.

9 Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin wrestling

Although Macaulay Culkin has not had a match in the WWE or AEW, he did interfere in a match on the independent scene, using “Home Alone” tactics. However, the Home Alone star has stated numerous times that he wants to have a match in the WWE. Culkin has attempted to have a match with “The Bulgarian Brute” Rusev (now Miro in AEW) at WrestleMania. Culkin’s Twitter bio mentions he is “The #1 Bill Goldberg fan,” so maybe he could team with the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion before he retires.

Regardless, Culkin has shown true love for the art of professional wrestling, from the independent scene to the WWE, and typically the celebrities that have that much love put 100 percent into their matches.

8 Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Big Show WWE No Way Out

The undefeated boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather had one of the best celebrity WrestleMania matches to date. Mayweather is most known by wrestling fans as the boxer that broke Big Show’s nose and later had a stellar match with him on the grandest stage of them all.

It would be tremendous to see Mayweather face another giant in the WWE, such as Omos, or a rematch between his boxing opponent and former WWE guest, Logan Paul. However, Mayweather could also go to AEW if they are looking for another celebrity, treating fans to a rematch of Mayweather versus Big Show.

7 Shaq

Big Show and Shaquille O'Neil WWE Raw

If there is a celebrity that was made to be a pro wrestler, Shaq is the celebrity. Shaquille O’Neal has arguably the biggest and brightest personality in all of Hollywood and sports. The legendary NBA center has the size to tower over even the tallest of wrestling rosters and fits right into the land of giants. Tony Khan has even gone as far as to say that Shaq is the greatest celebrity wrestler of all time. Shaq teased a dream match with Big Show for years in the WWE, and now with AEW bringing Shaq in, and Paul Wight also with the company, there is a chance that dream match could happen.

6 Stephen Amell

The star of Arrow, Stephen Amell, grew a friendship with Cody Rhodes due to his cameo in Amell’s show. Rhodes, who was in his Stardust gimmick, started a rivalry with Amell. At SummerSlam, the celebrity kept a tradition that has held strong in celebrity matches, being involved in a tag team match. Amell teamed with Neville, now PAC in AEW against Stardust and Wade Barrett.

Amell and Neville won, with Amell gaining praise for his performance. However, he wasn’t done there, he has wrestled in ROH and took on Christopher Daniels in another impressive match at AEW’s All In 2018. Now Amell is starring in Starz’s Heels, so it would only make sense for him to step back into the square circle.

5 DeAngelo Williams


DeAngelo Williams was one of the greatest runners in Carolina Panthers’ history and proved to be a great Running Back in the NFL for 11 seasons. With a resume like that, a love of pro wrestling, and him just finishing his career, it wasn’t out of this world to think that he could put on a good wrestling match if given the proper training. However, the match between Williams and Moose against Chris Adonis (formerly Chris Masters) and Eli Drake shocked the wrestling world.

At Slammiversary XV, Williams performed backflips, chain wrestling, and a frog splash onto a table. The match was given loads of praise, with Dave Meltzer even saying that Williams “has the potential to be the greatest wrestler I have ever seen.”

4 Bad Bunny

At WrestleMania 37, Bad Bunny shocked the world by having arguably the greatest celebrity wrestling match in history. The moment the WWE began working with Bad Bunny, he gave a dedication to the craft that has not been seen by a celebrity ever. The Spotify-topping artist stopped everything he was doing to move to Orlando, Florida, to train for his match.

The training paid off as his tag team with Damien Priest against The Miz and John Morrison was a show stealer at the biggest wrestling event in the world. Whenever Bad Bunny calls and says he wants to have another match, WWE will be racing to get him back into the ring.

3 Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman Hulk Hogan

Dennis Rodman could have made an incredible career in wrestling if he wanted to. Rodman is the NBA’s enigma as he would go to games with multicolored dyed hair, piercings, and even a dress at one point. This is why the WCW saw Rodman as a huge attraction in 1997, and the former Chicago Bulls legendary rebounder teamed with nWo’s Hollywood Hulk Hogan against DDP and former NBA player Karl Malone.

Rodzilla was so dedicated to wrestling at the time that he skipped practice after game three of the 1998 NBA finals to go to WCW Nitro instead. Rodman’s commitment paid off as he impressed in the ring in his little action, and after The Last Dance documentary, he is still the eccentric person he was, and he would still be entertaining today.

2 Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee vs. Adam Cole in WWE NXT

Pat McAfee is such an essential piece to the SmackDown broadcast team now. McAfee started as a guest on NXT kick-off shows, but it was when the legendary NFL punter started a rivalry with Adam Cole on the black-and-gold brand that he shocked fans with how good he was. To be fair, McAfee is a former pro athlete, but in his debut match, nobody expected him to perform moonsaults, off-the-top rope dives, as well as some solid chain wrestling.

Adam Cole is now in AEW, of course, so that rivalry will be on ice for at least some time, but WWE fans could be treated to another great match if McAfee goes head-to-head with a different WWE star.

1 Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey Raw Women's Champion Cropped

WWE reportedly wants Ronda Rousey back with the company. Despite the fans not reacting well with the former UFC great, it’s easy to see why the WWE would want to do this. Rousey is one of the biggest celebrity draws the WWE could have. She also proves to be a quick learner, impressing in the ring multiple times in her short stint with the company. A match between Rousey and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania is still something that many fans would want to see. Rousey’s comeback could spark her as an immediate top heel in the company and allow Becky Lynch to go back to being a babyface. This could happen as soon as the Royal Rumble.

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