Annoying celebrities in EXATLON 5 USA What’s going on?


A new week begins in Exatlon United States, and with it they also start all kinds of information that is very much in line with everything that is happening in the Telemundo network’s competition program. With many participants from both teams, Celebrities and Contestants, injured, a statistic that grows as the days go by, the pressures between each athlete increase, even affecting their mood and causing certain friction with other teammates, with who have to live together in extreme situations, which precipitates the encounters between them and increases the discouragement to continue giving everything in the arenas.

In the fourth season of Exatlon United States, the audience witnessed the situation of Contestant Isaiah Vidal with the rest of his team, coming to comment on Isaiah once the competition was over, saying that he did not speak to anyone, and did not even give good morning Well, everything indicates that after only seven weeks of fighting in the Dominican Republic, the audience is already witnessing certain frictions that make the battles much more tense.

Celebrities and Contestants What’s Happening?

It is no secret to anyone that the fifth season of Exatlon USA has been a particularly intense and difficult one. Although we thought that nothing would surpass the fourth installment, in which the athletes suffered the COVID-19 pandemic very closely, and the winner Nate Burkhalter was almost left out after a difficult injury, this edition has been marked by the blows, the Athletes’ games ahead of time, personal dramas and much more, that have given each episode a dose of adrenaline greater than what they already have with each pass through the difficult circuits.

Speaking of injuries, although the victories have been mostly even, the absence of certain participants has had emotional effects on each athlete. Mack Roesch for the Famous, Denisse Novoa for the Contestants and even former participants Andrea Nerio and Jomarie Martinez, without naming Ana Parra and Frank Beltre, cause athletes in action to participate repeatedly, generating pressure, which leads them to act. sometimes not in the best way.

There is a girl from Team Famosos, whose attitude has even aroused reactions in the audience, and it is the winner of the first SUV of the season, Nicole Regnier. According to the YouTube channel for fans, Videos Top, Regnier had to be called to talk by the production, to change her attitude a bit, since several of her colleagues have already complained, so much so that when the girl won the SUV, no one accompanied her. On that, this was what a follower commented: “I noticed that none of the red team accompanied Nicole in the car, only Palafox at the last minute went with her. In previous seasons everyone was happy and both blue and red were piled up in the SUV, that detail caught my attention. “

Another was the “Tank” Frank Beltre, who according to the video on the VideosTop portal, informed the production that he wanted to renounce the competition, so, to ensure that it continues, they increased his weekly salary. Don’t miss this video:

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