Andy Dick’s Fiance’s Friends Warning Her About His Past Troubles?

Gal pals are warning Andy Dick’s fiancée, Elisa Jordana, that he’s troubled and dangerous according to the cries from a tabloid. Friends of Jordana’s are reportedly worried that the marriage is headed for doom, so Gossip Cop is investigating the accusations. 

In February, Andy Dick announced his engagement to media personality Elisa Jordana over Instagram with a picture of them sweetly kissing. Weeks after the announcement, though, the tabloids say their romance quickly fizzled when he kissed another woman.  

Then, the National Enquirer screamed that Jordana’s friends are giving her an earful about how troubled her comedian fiancé has been acting lately. Calling him the equivalent of buckwild, one source shrieks, “People around Elisa have said he’s a loose cannon and too out there. He’s dangerous!” 

Sources claim her friends and family are gravely concerned about the couple’s future, especially because “Andy has struggled with sobriety and infidelity and has had run-ins with the law. Most recently, he was sentenced to 14 days in jail on a sexual battery case after a woman claimed he squeezed her butt on a sidewalk.”

Admittedly, Dick has a checkered history with plenty of troubles, but that doesn’t mean he intends to carry that into his relationship with Jordana. People can change and evolve — something the tabloids love to disregard. Plus, the evidence is merely heresy at this point.

They’re Trying to Make it Work

Although Andy Dick denied offers to comment on the situation, Elisa Jordana said, “We are trying very hard to make this work. He is SO unbelievably fun and just the best.” It sounds like Jordana chooses to see the good. Plus, another insider confided, “When Andy’s sober, he’s really sweet and fun. Elisa has the best time with him. But you never know what you’ll get with Andy!”

Gossip Cop’s Take on the Situation

In one short article, the tabloid said the pair was destined for disaster and waged that there’s still hope for Andy Dick and Elisa Jordana. That’s a raging red flag of forged news. Gossip Cop is unphased, as the Enquirer and other tabloids are notorious for stirring up trouble between couples. 

Just a few months ago, National Enquirer pitted Halle Berry against her new boyfriend, Van Hunt, telling readers that family-oriented Berry was loving a cheater. On another occasion, OK!, a sister tabloid of the Enquirer, literally doomed Kaia Gerber’s growing relationship with Jacob Elordi. Similarly, it insisted that Gerber’s friends disapproved of her romance and said that she was definitely headed for heartbreak. The tabloids love complicating Gerber’s relationships, as a year earlier they reported Gerber’s friends were warning her about Pete Davidson. They alleged that close pals were worried Gerber and Davidson were eloping, despite only dating for a few weeks prior. 

All of the above turmoil turned out to be bogus. The tabloids are quick to spew warnings about female celebrities’ male counterparts being troubled, reckless, and dangerous, but the only warning sign we see in this story is the blatant lack of evidence to corroborate the claims.

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