Andy Cohen Gunning To Replace Howard Stern On SiriusXM?


Is Andy Cohen hoping to replace Howard Stern? One outlet says the Watch What Happens Live host is gunning for Stern’s coveted top spot at SiriusXM. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Andy Aiming To Be Next Howard’

According to the National Enquirer, Cohen is hoping to take over for a retiring Howard Stern. Cohen already had his own station on the radio network, so he would be a natural replacement for the Private Parts star. A source said “with no radio experience, he convinced SiriusXM to give him his own channel. Now he’s gunning to replace Howard.”

How Would This Work?

It’s unclear what this tabloid thinks is going to happen. SiriusXM has literally a hundred different stations with hundreds of personalities in its ranks. Stern was instrumental in growing SiriusXM’s user base from 600,000 subscribers to nearly 35 million, but he’s just one of many names with their own stations and fanbases.

In practice, how would Cohen replace Stern? The only person who could ever host the Howard Stern Show is by definition Howard Stern. Would Stern’s stations be converted into Cohen stations? That doesn’t sound like a replacement as much as a schedule change. This whole story falls apart the minute you think critically about it.

Stern’s Sticking Around

This story was published in August when it looked like Stern would retire. He’s not. In December, SiriusXM announced that Stern had signed a five-year deal to stay on the station. 

While Cohen could never really replace Stern, he won’t even have the theoretical opportunity. We’ll also point out that Cohen has appeared on Stern’s show many times, so there’s no bad blood there whatsoever. Stern’s extension just confirms what we already knew: this report is utter nonsense.

Cohen Feuds Abound

Gossip Cop has busted this outlet on numerous occasions for mischaracterizing Cohen. In 2018, it invented a rivalry between Cohen and fellow SiriusXM host Jenny McCarthy over who would get the guests Stern didn’t want. Many celebrities go on all of three shows, so this story was absurd.

Cohen’s imprint Andy Cohen Books published Mariah Carey’s memoir, so naturally, this outlet claimed Cohen and Carey were feuding over its content. This is absurd, as the two are clearly friends. We also busted the Enquirer when it claimed Cohen was too close to Sarah Jessica Parker, for he and Matthew Broderick has no qualms with him at all.

Stern and Cohen can both be heard on SiriusXM for years to come, so this story is totally bunk.

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