Amid Justin Bieber’s facial paralysis revelation, a look at celebrities who had similar disorders

On June 10, Justin Bieber revealed that he’s been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. In a video posted online, the Hollywood singer-songwriter told his fans that the syndrome diagnosis is causing him partial facial paralysis.

The 28-year-old pop singer recently announced he was pausing his Justice World Tour owing to illness, hours before his first slated concert in Toronto, Canada.

Amidst Bieber’s news that sent a shock wave, let’s take a look at the celebrities who are/were fighting a similar battle:

Anupam Kher

Anupam Kher first opened up about his facial paralysis in 2016. The actor revealed that in 1994, he suffered facial paralysis during the shoot of Hum Aapke Hai Koun.

Kher said that his doctors advised him to take complete rest for two months, however, the actor had a different approach in his mind and he went for the shoot of the film.

During a conversation with journalist Rajat Sharma in his show Aapki Adalat, the actor disclosed, “One day, I was having food at Anil Kapoor’s place. His wife Sunita told me that ‘your one eye is not blinking’. I thought it must be due to fatigue. When I was brushing the next morning, water came out from my mouth on its own.”

“For a long time, Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan thought I was doing comedy by making a face. I gathered everyone around and told them, ‘This is my situation, my problem but I am ready to shoot,” he added.

Angelina Jolie

In a previous interview with Vanity Fair, Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie revealed that she once fought a battle with Bell’s palsy, a rare and often mysterious neurologic condition.

The actor said that after her split with Brad Pitt in 2016, she had to take care of six children, resulting in her health going for a toss.

The actor then thanked acupuncture as relief from Bell’s palsy and noted that she has since made a full recovery. “Sometimes women in families put themselves last… until it manifests itself in their health,” the 47-year-old actor said.

George Clooney

Three-time Golden Globe winner George Clooney too opened up about his struggle with Bell’s Palsy. The American actor revealed that he suffered from the disease during middle school when he was mere 14-years old.

The actor said that he first noticed the worst when milk dribbled out of his mouth during lunch at the church. “I thought, ‘Oh, my God, I have Lou Gehrig’s disease,'” he told CNN’s Larry King in 2006. “It was the first year of high school, which was a bad time for having half your face paralysed,” the actor added, who took nine months to recover from the said disease.

Apurva Asrani

Apurva Asrani in 2020, took the social media route to talk about Bell’s Palsy. The national award-winning filmmaker and editor took to Twitter to say that the event followed after a ‘stressful fight with a leading Bollywood actress’.

“I spent almost 40 years of my life anxiously trying to make my career, my relationships & my health work. But the more I tried, the more I was exhausted. Navigating the big city, navigating traffic, I was always hurrying, because no matter how much I tried, I was always late,” Apurva tweeted, adding, “Then at the cusp of turning 40, after a stressful fight with a leading actress, I was struck with #BellsPalsy, a form of bilateral facial paralysis. This was accompanied by severe vertigo & nausea. I was forced to stop everything, including the editing of #madeinheaven.”

“I was forced to move out of the city, to slow down, and to make myself my priority. I decided to only do work that stirred my soul and to give up on the rat race. 3 years later, I thank God for pushing me towards a slow life. I know now that things meant to happen, will,” Apurva added in another tweet.

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