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Alexis Ren believes that boredom “fosters creativity.”

This 24-year-old model believes that by quitting social media and “spending time on boredom,” people can think in more innovative ways.

Alexis, who has more than 14 million followers on Instagram, said, “I’ve always said that whatever’s most damaging to you is going in that direction. What’s most inspirational to you? Please follow the.

“It’s also helpful to stay away from social media. Having a boring time fosters creativity, and it’s rarely boring these days. When scrolling on TikTok, I said to myself,” Now. , Should I just sit down? ” Looking for yourself here? “

“Looking closely at social media, I feel like I can lose my personality.”

Nonetheless, Alexis acknowledges that the tools needed to stay motivated vary from person to person.

She told Glamor UK magazine:

“Maybe you’re the type that needs movement to find tranquility. I took some time to understand it. I need movement. Exercise is my meditation and dance is me. Affinity answer.

“Since I was 5 years old, dance has been meditation.”

Alexis is determined to inspire young people and share what they have learned throughout their careers.

The star of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit feature was “All the teachers in my life were my mentors, who actually achieved what I wanted to do, looked back and I wanted to help.

“That is, to me, my purpose is who can help and teach. Like my little grasshopper. I was able to attract many mentors in different areas of my life. And I think that’s the key to education. When we were in the tribe, we learned from the elders, listened to them, and had conversations with them.

“I’m a model and I understand that society is based on really beautiful people. So how do you give back? Because I’m grateful. Suffering like me. Please be a mentor. “

Alexis Ren: Boredom hinders creativity | Celebrities

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