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While we wait for a response to Jordan Peterson’s insults, actor Elliot Page has finally decided to get on his very first dating app. Transitioning has been one of the most liberating experiences in Elliot Page’s life, his role from Vanya to Viktor Hargreeves in the ‘Umbrella Academy‘ was also done with a lot of taste and sense.

It simply didn’t feel forced, it seems like everything is working out as he envisioned it. In terms of dating, Elliot Page is currently single but he is already making his first moves in order to get himself out there. The 35-year-old actor decided to post an Instagram story on Thursday where he is looking at a phone alongside ‘Umbrella Academy’ co-star Ritu Arya.

What did Elliot Page say?

In the post, Elliot Page simply wrote: “Ritu Arya guiding me on my first dating app ever,” captioned the actor. Page came out as a transgender man back in December 2020, things have been difficult but he is doing the best he can in order to block out all the noise. Page confirmed to identify with the “he/they” pronouns.

In previous years, Page was married to Emma Portner but he filed for divorce from the dancer. This happened almost exactly a month after he came out as transfender. However, they had been separated since the summer of 2020. Portner revealed she was deeply proud of Page for coming out.

As all of this happens, we still are waiting for a response from Elliot Page amid the attacks from provocateur Jordan Peterson. He dead-named the actor and called out his medical breast-reduction procedure as a crime. Peterson already stated he would rather die than take back his statements despite being banned from Twitter for saying what he said.

Page is unlikely to respond because he rarely engages with people who aim to harm him in any shape or form. As ‘Umbrella Academy’ ended, Netflix has already decided to renew the show for a fourth season with Elliot Page in his new role as Viktor Hargreeves.

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