A Hotel Worker is Rating Celebs Based on How Rude They Are


This TikToker encountered a lot of stars working at a fancy Hawaiian resort.

LeBron James
Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

You have a better shot of running into a celebrity at a fancy resort than a moderately priced hotel. And your odds are even better if you’re on the staff of one of those expensive places. One woman who worked at a Hawaii hotel has made a series of TikTok videos about the several stars she served there and rated each one of them based on her interactions. To find out which celebrities she met and how they measured up, read on.

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Jenna Fischer

Rating: 10/10 

“Every interaction with her was super great,” TikToker Sarah Moose said about The Office star Jenna Fischer. And it’s a good thing that the actor lived up to expectations, because the hotel employee also said that she was “in the bathroom crying” because she was so excited to Fischer.

“I loved her so much, she was so sweet,” Moose explained. “I gave her kids some M&Ms and they loved it.”

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Jon Stewart
Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

Rating: 10/10 

While Moose had “no idea” who former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart was at the time, she still thought he was “amazing” and enjoyed talking to him.

“Him and his son were super great,” she added. “And I helped sign them up for eagle ray feeding.”

Savannah Brinson
Alexander Tamargo/WireImage

Rating: 10/10

Moose thought that Savannah Brinson, Lebron James‘ wife, was “great.” Brinson even gave her some advice about her nails.

“She was telling me that if I ever get acrylics, that I should make them the same color as my skin, so when it grows out, nobody can tell,” the TikToker explained.

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Kevin Hart
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Rating: 9/10 

While Moose thought that comedian Kevin Hart was really nice, she noted that she was surprised by what he looks like in person.

“The one thing that shook me was [that] he’s a lot shorter than I thought he would be,” she said of the 5’2″ actor.

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Lebron James
Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

Rating: 7/10 

Lebron James seemed “kind of stressed out,” since so many people were “trying to take pictures with him,” the TikToker said. Moose also recalled that other guests kept trying to talk to the NBA star and his family as well. Despite all of that, she had a nice interaction with the basketball star.

“He asked me for a green popsicle and I cut the top off the plastic for him, and he said, ‘Thank you,'” the hotel worker said. So there you have it: James prefers green popsicles.

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Christian Bale
Denis Makarenko/Shutterstock

Rating: 7/10 

Moose didn’t recognize The Dark Knight star Christian Bale. One of her coworkers had to tell her who she’d been talking to after she’d already walked away from him. Their interaction wasn’t particularly memorable for her either.

“He didn’t really leave a huge impact on me,” the TikToker said. “I didn’t recognize him at all, I just thought he was another white guy.”

Lucy Hale

Rating: 6/10 

Moose said Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale didn’t speak to the staff much; she only talked to the actor when she asked for some water. And the hotel employee didn’t recognize her right away either.

“I didn’t know it was her until I looked up later in our guest book. Also, I saw that she had her tattoo on her side,” Moose said. (Hale has 14 tattoos, including two on her side: one that says “light” and another that says “catch the foxes for us.”)

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Ivanka Trump

Rating: 3/10 

Moose told her followers that Ivanka Trump, daughter of former president Donald Trump, was surrounded by her bodyguards during her stay at the hotel. Trump “didn’t even talk to [her],” which is why she got a low ranking.

“Her bodyguards talked to me,” the TikTok creator added. “They were all in Aloha shirts, that was the only cool thing.”

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