A Barista Is Rating Celebrities Based on How Rude They Are

This TikTok user served so many stars at her swanky Malibu coffee shop.

Pierce Brosnan at the premiere of

Celebrities really are just like us…in that they need their daily caffeine fix. So, depending on where they work, coffee shop employees have a good chance of running into a star or two. One former barista, Samantha Bergum, served so many celebrities at Blue Bottle Coffee in Malibu, California that she made two TikTok videos ranking them by how nice or rude they were. Keep reading to find out how these A-listers fared, and for more service industry gossip, check out A Hotel Restaurant Server Is Ranking Celebs Based on How Rude They Are.

Craig T. Nelson at the premiere of
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Rating: 20/10 

Bergum said that she would “literally die for” Coach star Craig T. Nelson, who she also called “so pure.” She complimented Nelson’s wife, Doria Cook-Nelson, for being friendly too, and said that she loved seeing their golden retriever with them. She also noted that they were so nice, she wanted to go to their house for dinner. “Love him,” Bergum summed it up.

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Patrick Dempsey at the Tag Heuer celebration in 2019
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Rating: 12/10 

According to Bergum, former Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey has “still got it” and is “super hot.” More importantly, she claimed that he’s also “super nice.”

“[I] flirt with him every time,” she added.

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Jake Gyllenhaal

Rating: 10/10 

Though Jake Gyllenhaal only came into the coffee shop once, Bergum still gave him a perfect score. Aside from being kind and attractive, the Spider-Man: Far From Home star was also “very low-key,” which wasn’t a negative for the barista. “I love a low-key Malibu day for him,” she said.

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Adam Sandler at the
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Rating: 10/10 

Bergum told her followers that Adam Sandler was “just as you’d expect,” in that he was “f***in’ hilarious” and a very nice guy. The barista also said that she saw the actor’s “dad van” when he came to the shop, which added to his score.

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Shawn Mendes

Rating: 8/10

Pop singer Shawn Mendes “was hotter in person,” according to Bergum. Aside from his looks, she noted that he ordered a drip coffee and was “a super sweet guy.”

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Cody Simpson at the premiere of
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Rating: 6/10 

Bergum saw singer, actor, and Miley Cyrus ex Cody Simpson at Blue Bottle Coffee a handful of times, and said that he all of the workers there every time he came in. Although she thought Simpson was polite, the barista docked points because he was “kinda boring.”

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Pierce Brosnan attends The Los Angeles Premiere Of
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Rating: 5/10 

Former James Bond Pierce Brosnan got one of the lowest ratings on Bergum’s scale, despite being “a regular,” in her words.

“He’s honestly really boring in person, hate to say it,” the barista said.

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Kendall Jenner in 2019
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Rating: 5/10

Bergum said that Kendall Jenner tried to go undercover by using the name “Lauren” when she came in, even though everyone at the coffee shop knew who she was. Aside from calling that “really weird,” the barista also claimed that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was “kind of rude” and “didn’t tip.”

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