9 Very Expensive & Weird Things Celebrity Purchased

Rich celebrities never have to think twice about their purchases.

Celebrities have access to endless sums of money, and that means they never have to think twice about the things they buy. It’s really a non-issue for them to splurge on items that are excessively priced yet not quite necessary to own, in the grand scheme of things. With all of the different personalities in Hollywood, it’s no wonder that many stars own some really, really strange things. Some of these bizarre purchases exude luxury and are elaborate in their design, while other items are just so weird that we can’t imagine what these famous people were thinking when they invested in them. Even more shocking is the exorbitant price tag associated with these very strange purchases.

Chip Chick took a moment to acknowledge that while these purchase may be obscure and exorbitant to most of us, the celebrities buying them have no qualms about buying whatever their heart desires, on a whim.

9 Beyonce’s Daughter Has A Diamond Barbie

With a net worth of $500 million, Beyonce can easily buy her daughter, Blue Ivy, absolutely anything her little heart desires.  Beyonce figured a Barbie doll would be a great gift, then proceeded to splurge $85,000 on a diamond encrusted one. Chip Chick declares that this customized Barbie had 160 diamond gems on top of the white gold accents.

8 Celine Dion’s Private Waterpark

When Celine Dion started raking in big bucks from her Caesar’s Palace contract, she opted to do some elaborate renovations on the exterior grounds of her mansion in Florida. She spent an undisclosed amount of money to have an entire waterpark built on her estate. We’re talking 20,000 square feet of water slides, pools, and professionally installed waterpark activities. This definitely earned her some mom points.

7 Paris Hilton’s Dog Houses

It’s no secret that celebrities love their pets, and enjoy treating them to a luxurious lifestyle. However, it may be possible that Paris Hilton has taken her obsession of her dog houses to the next level. She has built an entire house for her dogs that sits on her estate, and is estimated to be worth well over $325,000. That’s right, for her dogs. The dog house is completely with air conditioning, different levels, and is decorated to perfection.

6 Donald Trump’s Gold Plated Private Jet

Everyone knows that Donald Trump likes nice things and lives very lavishly, and it comes as no surprise that he owns a private jet. There’s just one detail that most fans may be unaware of. Ranker reports that the jet has; “24-carat gold-plated seat belts, buckles, and detailing. The plane also includes a 57-inch TV and multiplex theater system, a master bedroom with gold silk-lined walls, and a shower and a sink plated in 24-carat gold.”

5 Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dinosaur Skull

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of Hollywood’s biggest names, and most recognizable faces. With a successful career and a net worth of $260 million, most people would expect that he lives in the lap of luxury and enjoys the finer things in life. What you may not know is that he lives with a dinosaur skull in his home. He purchased this 67 million year old fossil for $276,000 simply to keep on display.

4 Victoria Beckham’s iPhone Is Made Of Gold

Victoria Beckham has been admired for her flare for fashion and wouldn’t dare be seen with a phone that doesn’t adequately reflect her image. Her iPhone has been custom designed to include 150 grams of 24 carat gold, and was purchased for $33,000. That’s one fancy phone for some very VIP calls.

3 Tom Hanks Collects Vintage Typewriters

Tom Hanks is a legendary actor with more accolades than anyone can count. With a net worth of $400 million, his fans presume his house is full of expensive, ornately designed furnishings and the most lavish items that money can buy. The truth is, he has a soft spot for vintage typewriters, and opts to invest his money in owning a collection of them. He actually writes letters on them and is known to purchase typewriters that are antique and worth a lot of money.

2 Amanda Seyfried Adores Her Dead Animals

Most people would scoff at the idea of having a dead animal in their home, but Amanda Seyfried has an obsession with taxidermy. For those how are unfamiliar, this is the process of preserving a dead animal, then stuffing them and keeping them on display.  She has a lot of taxidermy on display in her home, and lives surrounded by the “art” of dead animals. During an interview with Daily Mail, she was quoted as saying; “I love animals and they’re very easy to look after when they’re dead.”

1 Mike Tyson’s Fancy Tub

Mike Tyson made millions, and then proceeded to bankrupt himself by spending millions more than he had actually earned. He’s been known to own tigers and other very bizarre, super expensive things, one of them being a $2 million bath tub. It was made of 24 carat gold, and now highlights his bathroom.

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