7 Biggest Celebrity Power Dressers

Fashion can make statements and some stars turn style into something much more.

The most famous celebrity power dresses every year make evident the reason for all the hype by their fans. Ever since the pandemic, people’s lifestyles have been going through a paradigmatic shift. Amongst this, the fashion industry also has been struggling through several transformations and innovations. For example, the ‘work from home’ lifestyle and the need to wear face masks in public has changed fashion statements by blurring the lines between work outfits and home wear.

The powerful statements that celebrity power dressers have been making last year are quite inspirational. Besides the traditional ‘perfect-outfit-of-the-day’ look, other kinds of styles are also getting increasingly popular. Moreover, the masses are wholeheartedly accepting this concept.

Celebrities like Harry styles and Billy Porter have made powerful statements on non-binary dressing and its beauty. Likewise, Gen Z stars like Billie Eilish have also been conveying the message that one can renew the idea of classy fashion by setting new trends.

The following are some of the biggest celebrity power dressers.

7 Harry Styles

Harry Styles is currently one of the most followed and searched male power dressers in the fashion industry. He has made some powerful statements with his blue blazers and yellow hats by releasing his 90s single called ‘Golden.’ Ever since that, there has been a 92 percent rise in the web search for these particular fashion items donned by the male diva, Styles.

This British pop star made history by being the first male to make it on Vogue Magazine’s cover. What made his solo Vogue cover even more remarkable is how he aced the brilliant aesthetics of non-binary dressing with his blazer and a Gucci gown or a Chopova Lowena skirt combination.

6 Lizzo

Intentionally or unintentionally, Lizzo may have just started a colossal body positivity movement. It became popular ever since her appearance in ‘Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty Show.’ After the show aired, the search for blue lingerie has gone up by around 96 percent.

The American singer Melissa Viviane Jefferson popularly known as Lizzo is indeed leading an essential revolution in redefining beauty standards. The hype about Lizzo being a power dresser is not just about her outfit but also about her style, confidence, and sheer talent.

5 Billy Porter

Billy Porter is indeed a magnetic personality for being at the forefront of the LGBTQ movement. It can be said that the queer community has found increased expression and visibility in mainstream media through Billy Porter’s performances and style statements.

Besides being a famous American actor, Billy Porter is also a fantastic singer; he made a powerful statement with his tuxedo and gown Christian Siriano look. It was his magnificent look at the 2019 Oscars that won the hearts of fans like nothing before.

4 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is well aware of what makes her look like; she knows what she is all about. Lady Beckham redefines classy outfits by improvising and combining them with a bit of quirk. These make her look like she is always prepared for the conference room.

Simultaneously, the effortless styles make her look like she could even go to a party in those same outfits. Be it beautiful red hues or a classic black and white. Victoria Beckham hones and owns it like she created that style.

3 Kim Namjoon

The K-pop boy band BTS is making history through its fantastic music productions, choreography, and dazzling outfits. A new wave of fashion is being born under their guidance. Kim Namjoon has been winning hearts all over the world with his unique sense of style and fashion.

This South Korean rapper is better known as RM or Rap Monsters, and as it turns out, Kim is also a power dresser. The search for white turtlenecks and jackets has increased by about 67 percent ever since Kim set the trend.

2 AOC or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC is a big deal nowadays with her inspiring style and feisty political speeches. AOC might be young, but she is already making her generation proud by being an influential political leader and US representative.

AOC is a power dresser who has been defying conservative and traditional dressing standards for political candidates and representatives. She does not seem apologetic to her faithful and confident self in her bright hues and trendy clothes, even while proposing serious political reforms. For instance, she wore a bright red suit to the US Congress to fight against the gender discriminatory ideas inside political bodies.

1 Zendaya

Zendaya rose to fame with her performance in Spiderman, alongside Tom Holland. Ever since then, she has been influential in setting new fashion trends. In the Spiderman movies, she was portrayed as the ‘cool introverted nerd’ in a hoodie and baggy jeans.

With time and more performances, Zendaya has experimented with her fashion statements. The actress indeed attracted massive attention with her appearance at the Emmys in an elegant emerald gown.

A lot of other celebrities have also exhibited themselves as power dressers. Some famous names on the list include Megan Markle, her classy but straightforward style, or Cardi B, with her extravagant but unapologetic fashion. The pace at which the fashion industry and power dressing are progressing makes us immensely excited for newer trends that may arise in the future.

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