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Howard Stern is not only one of the most iconic radio personalities but also arguably the most controversial. Stern is known as a “shock jock,” a radio personality who causes controversy through provocative behavior and commentary widely considered offensive. Stern has never disappointed in that regard. Over the years, he’s conducted countless celebrity interviews on his radio program, The Howard Stern Show, that have made headlines and shocked listeners. 

Howard Stern’s interviews with Anna Nicole Smith raised eyebrows

Howard Stern disgusting behavior

Howard Stern in January 2006 | Getty Images

Stern interviewed model and reality star Anna Nicole Smith several times on his show — and both times, fans were outraged. On one occasion, Stern body-shamed Smith, calling the model a “heavyset woman” and demanding that she weigh herself on the air, BuzzFeed reports.

During another interview, Stern asked Smith to allow a show employee, Benji, to accompany her to the bathroom and let him touch her. Smith seemed nervous about the idea, although she agreed.

Years later, after Smith’s untimely death in 2007, fans demanded justice for the late star.

Stern is known for his outrageous comments about women’s bodies. When he interviewed young star Sarah Michelle Gellar on his program, he asked the actor if she made a habit out of “completely shaving” her private parts.

Gellar awkwardly admitted that she waxed, to which Stern replied she must look “like a little baby.”

Though the Buffy the Vampire Slayer star rolled with the punches and moved past the conversation like a pro, Stern’s comments clearly made her uncomfortable.

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