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Social media may sometimes be an unwelcoming place for many. A lot of people may have to bear the brunt of nameless opinions, cruel comments, and spiteful bashing, which may crush one’s sense of worth. And this is what is termed cyberbullying. 

Essentially, cyberbullying is when someone bullies or pesters using online platforms. And being a famous person or a celebrity does not make you immune to the power of these cyberbullies. Today, we will look at five celebrities who became a target of cyberbullying on social media and how they responded to it. 

1. Emma Watson

The overwhelmingly talented actress best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series is no stranger to cyberbullying. Although she received a lot of fame after the series, she also received hatred and trolling in equal parts. As she started college at Brown University, her fellow mates anguished and bullied her to the extent that she had to move to Columbia University and start afresh. 

2.  Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, the famous singer and songwriter has been a victim of cyberbullying ever since she was in high school. She had a lot of haters who made her childhood rather tough with all their nasty comments. However, Taylor soon learned a healthy way to cope with all the negativity that came her way. She channeled her feelings into her music which enabled her to overlook her problems and truly enjoy her vocation. 

3.  Adele

The UK-born singer once experienced the most terrible kind of cyberbullying. After she gave birth to her healthy baby boy, she was greeted with joy across the world as fans took to her social media to congratulate her on her new motherhood journey. But at the same time, she received an immense lot of forbidding comments on Twitter that attacked the singer with death threats, remarks about her weight, and jokes about postpartum depression. Adele drew strength from her fans and did her best to avoid the hatred and move forward in her life. 

4.  Selena Gomez

In the recent past, Selena Gomez struggled with both mental and physical health problems. And these problems were accredited, in large part, to her being cyberbullied. Because she gained some weight, she had to face the hatred and trolling of many on social media. However, the bold singer tried her best to not get bogged down. Instead, she focused on her music and has been delivering incredible hits ever since. 

5.  Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman, the famous Euphoria actress, has also encountered the catastrophic effects of cyberbullying. When Zendaya was cast to portray Aaliyah, the R&B legacy who died a tragic death, in the film Lifetime, she was trolled big time. Bullies targeted the actress for not looking anything like Aaliyah. They even started a petition to re-cast. However, Zendaya was not deterred by the bullies in any way. Although she dropped out of the film for personal reasons, she gave it back to the trollers and made sure everyone knew that her decision was not influenced. 


Cyberbullying can have appalling effects on its victims. While it isn’t wrong to have your own opinion, some people get rude and even downright mean while expressing them. Make sure you find the right words to phrase your thoughts so that they don’t come across as offensive to the other person. 

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