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For privacy and ease of travel, celebrities love yachts — several of which are outrageously expensive.

29 Most Expensive Celebrity Yachts, Ranked by Value

David and Victoria Beckham Yacht

Celebrities consistently create demand in the private yacht market. If a celebrity’s net worth is in the high millions or more, they can certainly afford to indulge in luxury superyachts, which can cost well into seven figures or more and have six- to seven-figure annual operating costs.

The main reason that celebrities like yachting is that they can enjoy intimate, low-key trips with friends and family, out of reach of paparazzi cameras. Tiger Woods enjoys personal time aboard his yacht so much that he named the ship Privacy and even sleeps on board when he travels to golf tournaments.

Even if celebrities don’t own a yacht, they may charter them, as Rihanna and Beyonce do, for quiet time away from the spotlight. After traveling on a friend’s yacht, or chartering one, a celebrity may decide to take the plunge and buy one themselves. That’s what happened to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling after she chartered actor Johnny Depp’s yacht. The Beckhams decided to get their own vessel after spending summers on the Mediterranean with their good friend Sir Elton John on his yacht Wabi Sabi. Some celebrities, such as Apple founder Steve Jobs, singer Billy Joel or fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, were involved in every step of creating their own customized yacht. 

So, which celebrity yachts are the most expensive and extravagant? We made a list of the top ones — some of which have been sold in recent years, possibly due to their high operating costs, but will always be identified with their iconic celebrity owners. We then ranked the yachts by their current value, adjusted for inflation.

29. Astoria


Value: Unknown

Celebrity owner: David Gilmour

Year built: 1911

Where it’s currently located: Hampton, London

Bottom Line: Astoria


This 88.5-foot vessel is a houseboat turned into a floating recording studio. Pink Floyd’s lead guitarist David Gilmour bought Astoria in 1986 and repurposed it to record albums. In some of Pink Floyd’s songs, you can hear the sound of boats and birds from the river.

The vessel was originally commissioned by music hall producer Fred Karno and designed to seat a 90-piece orchestra on the top. Astoria has three main cabins, a central saloon, a kitchen and bathroom. Interesting fact: The vessel has never sailed and is permanently moored on the  River Thames.

28. The Pacha III

The Pacha III

Value: Unknown

Celebrity owner: Princess Caroline of Monaco

Year built:1936

Where it’s currently located: Monaco

Bottom Line: The Pacha III

The Pacha III

The yacht was originally commissioned by Walter Crooke from British shipbuilders Camper and Nicholsons and named the Arlette II. The 119-foot ship had numerous owners over its first 50 years. Princess Caroline and her late husband, boat racer Stefano Casiraghi, bought the yacht in 1990.

The name was created from the names of the couple’s three children, Pierre, Andrea and Charlotte. The Pacha III was restored to the original 1930s design with an oak and mahogany interior, panelled ceilings, brass accents, marine lamps and club chairs. The ship accommodates up to 10 guests and six crew members.

27. Jinlong 4601

Jinlong 4601

Value: Unknown

Celebrity owner: Jackie Chan

Year built: 2019

Where its currently located: Hong Kong (unconfirmed)

Bottom Line: Jinlong 4601

Jinlong 4601

Jackie Chan previously owned a 125-foot motor yacht but recently upgraded. His new ship was built by Chinese shipyard Jinlong. The 152-foot vessel has three decks and a helipad. The ship contains four bedrooms and can accommodate eight guests. The top sundeck has its own bar and also doubles as a casual dining area.

The minimalist interior is done in white, with dark wood accents. Last but not least, the vessel features a movie theater, hot tub, gym, sauna and karaoke room.

26. Vendetta


Value in 2020:$1.3 million

Current value: $1.37 million

Celebrity owner: Billy Joel

Year built: 2005

Where it’s currently located: Long Island, New York (unconfirmed)

Bottom Line: Vendetta


Joel worked with Massachusetts boatbuilder Zurn Yacht Design and CH Marine to recreate a classic 1920s New York commuter yacht. These boats once took commuters into New York City, and Joel used his to get from his home on Long Island into the city for concerts.

The Vendetta features air-conditioning, comfortable seating for six passengers, a galley kitchen, Raymarine electronics and state-of-the-art engines. Joel also launched a built-to-order day boat business with Zurn and CH Marine. In 2020, he listed the Vendetta for sale.

25. Necker Belle

Necker Belle

Value in 2018: $3 million

Current value: $3.3 million

Celebrity owner: Richard Branson

Year built: 2003

Where it’s currently located: British Virgin Islands

Bottom Line: Necker Belle

Necker Belle

Branson bought a 105-foot catamaran yacht in 2009 called the Lady Barbaretta for about $7 million. He renamed the vessel Necker Belle after his resort island in the British Virgin Islands. Branson then had the yacht retrofitted with a minimalist Scandinavian look, featuring a light wood and pastel interior, and added a fourth guest room. The vessel can house up to 10 guests and seven crew members.

The Necker Belle also holds a small submarine for exploring under the sea. Branson sold the Necker Belle in 2018 to an unknown buyer. 

24. Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 No. 12

Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 No. 12

Value: $3.6 million

Celebrity owner: Conor McGregor

Year built: 2021

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 No. 12

Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 No. 12

Italian yacht builder Tecnomar and luxury car manufacturer Lamborghini collaborated on a limited-edition run of 63 speed boats to celebrate Lamborghini’s founding in 1963. UFC star Conor McGregor ordered yacht No. 12, in honor of his whiskey company, Proper No. Twelve. He took possession of the 63-foot speed boat in July.

The boat’s Lamborghini engines enable it to reach speeds of 60 knots. The vessel can accommodate five people and two crew members. The boat’s name is unknown, but Proper Twelve is engraved below the ship’s throttle. McGregor also owns three Lamborghini cars. 

23. Sophisticated Lady

Sophisticated Lady

Value in 2019: $4 million

Current value: $4.3 million

Celebrity owners: David and Victoria Beckham

Year built: 2019

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: The Sophisticated Lady

Sophisticated Lady

Former Manchester United soccer star David Beckham and his wife, fashion designer and former pop star Victoria Beckham, had spent time with friends on their yachts, or chartered boats. They finally decided to buy one for themselves, a 94-foot vessel made by SeaFair Yachts, which they call “Sophisticated Lady,” possibly a reference to Victoria’s Spice Girl days.

The yacht can accommodate up to eight guests and four crew members and features a gym and plenty of both interior and deck space. This may just be the beginning for their yacht club, though — David Beckham was recently spotted in Italy looking at a $14.1 million superyacht.

22. Great White

Great White

Value in 2020: $5 million

Current value: $5.3 million

Celebrity owner: Rafael Nadal

Year built: 2020

Where it’s currently located: Balearic Islands (unconfirmed)

Bottom Line: Great White

Great White

Since winning his first Grand Slam tennis tournament at 19, Rafael Nadal has become one of the world’s top three men’s tennis players, alongside Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Nadal recently became the owner of a Sunreef 80 Power catamaran yacht. He chartered several yacht types before buying and settled on the space and smooth ride of a catamaran model.

His new 80-foot vessel features a flybridge, wet bar, a barbecue, and a minimalist grey, coffee and cream interior space. The Great White can accommodate up to eight guests and carries up to three crew members. 

21. Hokulani


Value in 2007: $4.5 million

Current value: $5.9 million

Celebrity owner: Nicole Kidman

Year built:2007

Where it’s currently located: Sydney, Australia

Bottom Line: Hokulani


Australian actress Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii, and Hokulani is her Hawaiian name, meaning “heavenly star.” The Hokulani is a 151-foot, champagne-colored yacht built by American company Palmer Johnson. The yacht has three decks, a large sundeck and three dining areas.

The master suite features a private study, his and her bathrooms, a Jacuzzi, a private deck and walk-in closets. Each area of the ship has a fully integrated entertainment system. The minimalist interior has cream and brown tones, with wood accents. The Hokulani can accommodate up to 10 guests and nine crew members. 

20. Viva A Vida

Viva A Vida

Value: $6 million

Celebrity owners: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen

Year built: 2021

Where it’s currently located: Florida/Bahamas

Bottom Line: Viva A Vida

Viva A Vida

Football star Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, recently took possession of a new, 77-foot yacht. The vessel was built by Wajer, a Dutch shipbuilder. The Brady family, based in Florida, spends a lot of holiday time in the Bahamas.

Viva A Vida is Portuguese for “live life” and is the name of Bündchen’s environmental foundation. The vessel has an automatic roof, an adjustable deck layout, a galley and coffee bar, a dining area at the stern, and a 7-foot clearance in all the cabins. The yacht can accommodate seven guests and two crew members. 

19. Va Bene

Va Bene

Current value: $7.5 million

Celebrityowner: Eric Clapton

Year built: 1992

Where it’s currently located: West Mediterranean

Bottom Line: Va Bene

Va Bene

When Eric Clapton wanted to take a break from performing in 2005, he chartered a yacht named Va Bene and went cruising around the Mediterranean. He loved the vessel so much that he bought it from then-owner F1 race car driver Bernie Ecclestone.

The 157-foot yacht was originally built in Dutch shipyard, Kees Cornelissen, and can house 12 to 14 guests in six cabins as well as 13 crew members. The multilevel vessel features a top sundeck, a movie lounge and an extensive abstract art collection. The Va Bene is currently for sale.

18. Catch 23

Catch 23

Value in 2018: $8 million

Current value: $8.7 million

Celebrity owner: Michael Jordan

Year built: 2018

Where it’s currently located: Jupiter, Florida

Bottom Line: Catch 23

Catch 23

Retired NBA star Michael Jordan is an experienced angler and enjoys taking part in deep-sea fishing tournaments. He ordered his 80-foot boat from the Viking Yacht Company, which makes customized luxury sportfishing and cruising yachts.

Jordan named the boat for his Air Jordan 3 sneakers, and the vessel includes a massive freezer and fish wells for Jordan’s catches. His largest haul to date was a 442-pound marlin in 2020 for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament. The vessel can take up to eight guests and two crew members. 

17. Infinity Nine

Infinity Nine

Value: $9.24 million

Celebrity owner: Tony Parker

Year built:2021

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Infinity Nine

Infinity Nine

It looks like former NBA player Tony Parker, who left the sport in 2019, will be spending a lot of his time at sea. Parker ordered a new Kando 110-series vessel from AvA Yachts, a Turkish shipbuilder in 2018.

His new 115-foot superyacht features six cabins, a gym, a longer swim platform at the stern, a Jacuzzi, leather furniture and interior American walnut accents. The vessel can carry up to 12 guests and a crew of seven. Parker has visited the shipyards multiple times to personally supervise the building of his new yacht. 

16. Free Throw (unconfirmed)

Free Throw

Value:$10 million (estimated)

Celebrity owner: Shaquille O’Neal

Year built: Unknown

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Free Throw

Free Throw

Former NBA player and “Inside the NBA” host Shaquille O’Neal owns a massive 440-foot superyacht as befits the more than 7-foot-tall former basketball star. The vessel features a pool with a wet bar and two smaller hot tubs on the top deck.

O’Neal’s superyacht can accommodate up to 24 guests in 12 staterooms and a crew of up to 40. The ship features a piano and cocktail lounge with a massive, two-story crystal chandelier, helipad and full spa with a sauna.

15. Vantage


Sale price in 2021:$12.95 million

Celebrityowner: Calvin Klein

Year built: 2010  

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Vantage


Designer Calvin Klein is known for his elegant, sophisticated clothing and homeware designs and was the youngest designer to win the Coty Award. The 150-foot vessel was made for him by American shipbuilder Palmer Johnson and features an elegant interior in browns and creams, with leather seating and wood paneling.

The yacht has two decks and a private sundeck with a Jacuzzi. Vantage contains six cabins and can accommodate up to 12 guests and eight crew members. The designer sold Vantage earlier this year.

14. My RW


Value in 2008: $11 million

Current value: $14 million

Celebrity owner: Robbie Williams

Year built: 2008

Where it’s currently located: Mediterranean

Bottom Line: My RW


Singer Robbie Williams bought his yacht from Italian boatmaker Riva, putting his brand firmly on the 115-feet vessel by calling it My RW.

Williams wanted a place to escape from the spotlight with his wife and five kids by cruising around the Mediterranean, a short flight from his home in London, England. The three-deck vessel features a top sundeck, Jacuzzi and gym, and can accommodate up to 12 people and five crew members. 

13. Cyan


Current value: $16 million (estimated)

Celebrity owner: The Edge

Year built: 1997

Where it’s currently located: West Mediterranean

Bottom Line: Cyan


U2’s The Edge (yes, that’s what people call him) and a group of friends purchased this 138-foot superyacht Cyan in 2008. The vessel was built by the Italian shipyard, Codecasa. The yacht features an outdoor cinema, jacuzzi, gym, state-of-the-art music system, a full dining room, a baby grand piano and a large bar.

Cyan has six guest cabins and can accommodate up to 12 people and 11 crew members. The vessel has two small motorboats and equipment for a range of watersports, including scuba diving, kayaking and jetskiing.

12. Regina D’Italia (Queen of Italy)

Regina D’Italia

Sale price in 2020:$15.66 million

Current value: $16.5 million

Celebrity owners: Domenico Dolce and Stafano Gabbana

Year built: 2006

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Regina D’Italia (Queen of Italy)

Regina D’Italia

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana are the designers behind the luxury-fashion brand Dolce & Gabbana. The pair commissioned the 164-foot superyacht from Italian shipyard Codecasa. They designed the interior to reflect their flamboyant style with a minimalist luxury theme and animal prints. Features include gold-veined marble floors and gem-studded gold bathroom taps.

The vessel contains three decks, a sundeck with 360-degree views, an elevator and a customized, inflatable water slide. The Regina can accommodate up to 12 guests and includes a VIP stateroom. The couple recently sold their superyacht.

11. Freedom


Value in 2018: $20 million

Current value: $21.8 million

Celebrity owner: Roberto Cavalli

Year built: 2018

Where it’s currently located: Porto Rotondo, Sardinia

Bottom Line: Freedom


Italian designer Roberto Cavalli was inspired by the Batmobile when he went to design his new yacht, Freedom. As a result, the 88.5-foot vessel has a sleek black exterior and tinted windows. Cavalli worked with Italian yacht designer Tommaso Spadolini and Cerri Cantieri Navali shipyards to create the two-deck vessel. Freedom can accommodate up to six guests and three crew members.

The interior was furnished from the Roberto Cavalli Home collection, mixing the designer’s signature animal prints with metalwork, leather and gold accents. Freedom has a full onboard kitchen for Cavalli’s use.

10. Amphitrite


Sale price in 2016: $20 million

Current value: $22.9 million

Celebrity owner: J.K. Rowling

Year built: 2001

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Amphitrite


Rowling bought the 156-foot yacht Amphitrite from actor Johnny Depp for $29 million, after she chartered the vessel for a summer holiday with her family. The vessel was decorated in a luxurious 1930s Art Deco style, with mahogany paneling, crushed velvet seats, ornate wallpaper, tasseled drapes, and teak and glass doors.

The yacht features a formal dining room and main deck salon with a high-tech entertainment system. The vessel can accommodate up to 12 people in six cabins and carries a crew of nine. Rowling possibly had buyer’s remorse as she sold the Amphitrite within a year at a loss. 

9. Privacy


Value:$20 million

Current value: $29 million

Celebrity owner: Tiger Woods

Year built: 2004

Where it’s currently located: Oyster Bay, Long Island

Bottom Line: Privacy


Golf champion Tiger Woods purchased his yacht, Privacy, from U.S. shipbuilders Christensen in 2004. Wood’s 155-foot yacht has three decks, including a top observation deck, and can accommodate 10 people and nine crew members.

The interior is fitted out in cherry woodwork, with a main staircase and elevator. Privacy features a jacuzzi for eight people, a wet bar and a gym. The vessel also contains a scuba tank-filling station and decompression chamber for diving. 

8. Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi

Value in 2017: $26 million

Current value:$29.1 million

Celebrity owner: Sir Elton John

Year built: 2011

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line:  Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi

Sir Elton John and his husband, Canadian filmmaker David Furnish, owned a 164-foot superyacht called the Wabi Sabi, built by U.S. shipyard Westport. The name is a Japanese phrase that means “embracing the beauty of an imperfect world.”

The vessel contains a gym, massage room, entertainment center with a 50-inch wide plasma screen, library, private decks and a formal dining room that seats 12. A sundeck features a Jacuzzi, barbecue and bar. The Wabi Sabi accommodates up to 18 guests and 12 crew members. The pair sold the vessel in 2017.

7. Main


Value: $60 million

Current value:$76.4 million

Celebrity owner: Georgio Armani

Year built: 2008

Where it’s currently located: Mediterranean

Bottom Line: Main

Giorgio Armani himself designed this 213-foot superyacht, which was built by the Italian shipyard, Codecasa, in his trademark minimalist style. The vessel, inspired by military ships, is painted a dark green, instead of the standard white, so it can’t easily be seen against the ocean.

Armani designed the interior with light birchwood furniture, dark green walls and louvre blinds. The yacht contains seven cabins, which can accommodate up to 12 people, and holds a crew of 14. The vessel contains a cinema, gym, whirlpool, indoor gym, marble bathrooms and a large sundeck.

6. The Maraya

The Maraya

Value in 2012: $65 million

Current value: $77.7 million

Celebrity owner: Puff Daddy (Sean Combs)

Year built: 2008

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: The Maraya

The Maraya

Platinum recording artist and music producer Sean Combs, also known as Puff Daddy or P.Diddy, bought the superyacht Maraya in 2012. Built by Italian company, CRN Ancona, the 177-foot vessel accommodates up to 12 guests and 15 crew members.

The five-deck yacht features a sundeck with a Jacuzzi, a gym and wellness area, and numerous lounging areas. The Maraya also has a nightclub with a bar, a movie screening room, and formal and casual dining rooms. The master suite has a private balcony that can be raised or lowered, giving the owner privacy.

5. Venus


Value in 2012: $120 million

Current value: $143 million

Celebrity owners: Steve and Laurene Jobs 

Year built: 2012

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Venus


Venus was one of Apple Founder Steve Job’s last projects and was finished after his death. The 256-foot yacht was built by Feadship, a Dutch company, in collaboration with De Voogt Naval Architects. French designer, Phillipe Starck, created the interior and exterior.

Venus has a sleek, minimalist look with massive, 10-foot-high glass windows, six guest bedrooms and a sophisticated smart-home system. The control room features seven Mac computer screens and a high-tech Apple navigation system. Venus can accommodate 12 guests and 22 crew members. 

4. Seven Seas

Seven Seas

Current value: $160 million

Celebrity owner: Steven Spielberg

Year built: 2010

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Seven Seas

Seven Seas

In 2010, Steven Speilberg commissioned Oceanco, a Dutch superyacht builder, to make the Seven Seas, a 282-foot customized vessel. The yacht contains seven to nine bedrooms and can accommodate up to 20 guests and 28 crew members.

The Seven Seas is divided into four decks and contains a state-of-the-art screening room, fitness room, swimming pool, two spas and a glass elevator. The master suite features a private deck and hot tub at the front of the vessel. The yacht is currently for sale, and Spielberg has a new vessel on order.

3. Eos


Value in 2009: $150 million

Current value: $191.8 million

Celebrity who owns it: Diane Von Furstenburg

Year built: 2006

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: Eos


In 2009, designer Diane von Furstenburg and her husband, media mogul Barry Diller, bought Eos, a 305-foot schooner with electronically rigged sails. It’s one of the largest sailing yachts in the world.

The yacht was built by Bremen’s Lurssen shipyard and named after the Greek goddess of the dawn. The vessel can accommodate up to 16 guests and 21 crew members. Eos features a Jacuzzi and sundeck on the top level, a glass staircase and lavish interior spaces in dark-wood and white furnishings.

2. The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

Value in 2004: $200 million

Current value: $290.4 million

Celebrity owner: David Geffen

Year built: 2004

Where it’s currently located: Unknown

Bottom Line: The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

The 453-foot superyacht Rising Sun was originally owned jointly by Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and David Geffen, of Geffen Records, but Geffen took over the boat in 2010. The Rising Sun has more than 8,000 square feet of interior space, spread across five decks. The luxury superyacht can accommodate up to 16 guests and 43 crew members.

The vessel features a full gym, extensive wine cellar, cinema, sauna, spa and helipad that doubles as a basketball court. Geffen also owns a smaller motor yacht, the 377-foot Pelorus. 

1. Unnamed

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Value: $500 million

Celebrity owner: Jeff Bezos

Year built: 2022

Where it’s currently located:Ablasserdam, The Netherlands

Bottom Line: Unnamed

Jeff Bezos Yacht

Jeff Bezos’ new 417-foot yacht is still being finished in the Oceanco shipyards in the Netherlands. The company is a well-known Dutch builder that creates one-of-a-kind superyachts for wealthy and celebrity clients. Oceanco is experiencing rising demand for their vessels, and their shipyards are booked out.

Bezos’s superyacht will include a support yacht with a built-in helipad. The superyacht will have multiple decks, three large masts, 31,000 square feet of sails and will be the world’s largest sailing yacht when it is completed in 2022.

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