18 people who’ve met A-list celebrities reveal who was nice and who was a jerk.


These days it there are more “celebrities” than ever before, thanks to the growing numbers of platforms that can catapult normal people to fame and fortune. It’s no longer just about topping the musical charts or starring in a TV show or movie. You can get famous on TikTok by doing a silly dance in your kitchen. But there’s still something extra magical about a good old fashioned, run-of-the-mill movie star or musical icon. Most of us only dream of actually meeting one of these “A-list” celebrities IRL. And if it happens, we may be happily surprised by how friendly and down-to-earth they are. OR we may be sorely disappointed by them being out-of-touch, egomaniacal jerks.

Of coure, we always hope celebrities are nice—it makes it so much easier to idealize them and consume their content. But, unfortunately, the saying “never meet your heroes” exists for a reason.

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