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Everyone has their something. You know what we’re talking about. Aside from your job, your favorite foods, your wishes, your dreams, your pet peeves, we all have one or two or ten things that we do just for us. We have our hobbies, and we do them just because… well, we do them.

Life can sometimes be wracked with the question, “Why?” and it’s not often that “Because I just like it” is a valid answer. With hobbies, we can just like to do this particular activity/non-activity for the mere joy of doing it/not doing it. Same goes with celebrities.

Sure, some celebs collect sports cars and show off their wealth, but occasionally you find a wrestler-turned-actor that collects vintage lunch boxes. Or a glamorous socialite that hunts frogs. Or something else. Or the Oscar winner that’d slay you in a game of ping pong.

Here are some of the oddest hobbies that your favorite celebrities partake in.

Taylor Swift

celebrity Hobbies Taylor swift makes snow globes. When she's not killing it in record sales or writing a new song about some ex, Swift enjoys making Christmas in a jar, with glitter as gifts to her friends. CRACKED.COM

Source: People

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celebrity Hobbies Beyoncé has actual beehives. The Queen В herself has two beehives with 80,000 bees, collecting hundreds of jars of honey each year. GRACKED COM

Source: Vogue

Shailene Woodley

celebrity Hobbies shailene woodley makes her own toothpaste. In an interview with GQ, the actor revealed that she likes to brush her teeth with her own home-made concoction, and even shared a recipe. CRACKED.COM

Source: GQ

David Arquette

celebrity Hobbies M ON Car David Arquette CARDIO moutt loves to knit. Alam Sample usa You The Scream star and occasional pro wrestler learned to knit from his grandmother.. He's so good that he graves the cover of Celebrity Scarves 2, a knitting book that raises money for breast cancer research. CRACKED.COM

Source: Amazon

Amanda Seyfried

celebrity Hobbies Amanda seyfried collects taxidermy. The actor developed this fascination after visiting a taxidermy store in Paris, and has since collected a stuffed deer, owl, zebra, and other animals. You know, regular stuff that isn't like the TV show Hannibal. CRACKED.COM

Source: InStyle


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