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Odds are that you follow at least some of your favorite actors, singers, and public figures on social media. There’s no shame in wanting to know what these stars are up to and what they think about issues that are also important in your own lives, Pandas. However, we really shouldn’t expect celebrity posts to be super serious all the time. Sometimes, they like to have a little bit of fun. (Some more than others—we’re looking at you, Ryan Reynolds, we love you!)

To celebrate the wackiness, creativity, humor, and goofiness of celebrities, our team here at Bored Panda has traveled through the vast wilds of the net to bring you the tastiest tweets that your beloved stars have ever written. They’re hilarious. They’re memorable. And they might just make you see these powerful figures with millions of fans in a whole different light. At times, they’re just like us, ordinary folks.

Scroll down for the best celeb tweets to ever grace social media, and remember to upvote the ones that you think deserve to be immortalized in the internet hall of fame. Have we missed any other awesome tweets? Tell us in the comments all about the great things your fave big-name tweeters have said.

Entertainment, Pop Culture, and Lifestyle Expert Mike Sington, from Los Angeles, gave Bored Panda a peek into some of the pitfalls celebrities might fall into Twitter, shared how to deal with backlash, explained how to write an impactful tweet, and gave his personal suggestion as to what star is definitely worth following on the platform. You’ll find our full interview with Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider below, Pandas. You won’t want to miss it.

Celebrity expert Mike, from LA, explained to Bored Panda that stars are always in the spotlight, even when they think that they aren’t. It’s for this reason that they have to be extremely careful about what they say and do.

“Celebrities have to be extremely careful and thoughtful when tweeting because their tweets are being monitored by the media, who can immediately amplify what they are saying beyond the people who are on Twitter.

According to the expert, speed, timing, and agility are everything if someone happens to mess up on social media. “You’ve got to move fast if there’s a massive negative backlash to a tweet, because the backlash can spread so quickly. The best course of action is to admit you were wrong, apologize, and state you are deleting the offending tweet.”

Mike noted that screenshots of the original offending tweet will still exist, but “actually deleting your own tweet demonstrates sincerity in that you realize it was the wrong thing to say.” In other words, it’s important for fans to see that their beloved stars are actually genuinely sorry, instead of just pretending to be in order to avoid criticism.

Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider gave us a look at the recipe for a powerful, far-reaching tweet. “For a tweet to be impactful, it should hit one of these five criteria: Be humorous, interesting, thought-provoking, inspirational, or start a conversation,” he told Bored Panda.

He also noted that it’s actually very difficult to tell if it’s the star themselves or someone from their team who’s posting if the latter are particularly skilled. “If a celebrity has a good social media person or team, there’s no way to tell if a social media person is posting the tweet, or the celebrity is because really good social media people will tweet in the celebrity’s voice.”

We also wanted to hear from Mike who is definitely worth following. “I can answer with one word the celebrities that are really worth following on Twitter for witty and thought-provoking tweets: Cher. She never disappoints!

Each and every social media website has developed its own particular culture. For instance, if you happen to be on Twitter, you might think that it’s (all at once) a platform for truly brilliant discussions, a place to get the hottest news, and an incredibly toxic digital playground that might make you lose any hope for humanity that you had left. In short, it’s a place of contrasts.

Earlier, Bored Panda conducted a couple of in-depth chats about the culture of Twitter with Trev Lewis, the founder of the ‘The Best and Worst Of Twitter 2’ project, and British comedy writer Ariane Sherine, a prolific tweeter of over 13 years.

In Trev’s opinion, Twitter has some of the brightest people from around the world using the platform. However, he also doesn’t deny that the website can make some people very aggressive in how they express their opinions.

“Like any social media site, Twitter’s algorithm can inspire people to be more aggressive and controversial for attention. However, I do think it is the funniest and smartest social media site overall. The trending topics encourage people to discuss the top news stories of the day, which gives it more substance,” he shared his opinion.

“It also is the app public figures use most, which means it allows regular citizens to directly share their voice with and criticize people in power more often than other sites,” Trev explained that Twitter offers a direct line to some of the most powerful people in the world. Stars and celebrities included.

Meanwhile, comedy expert Ariane has a similar point of view when it comes to Twitter. She sees the platform as a place that brings together some truly intelligent people from around the globe. However, the social media site is also home to some truly awful comments and emotions.

“I think Twitter attracts more intelligent and witty users than other social media networks because it’s primarily text-based and lends itself to brevity, concision, and humor. People also seem to be a lot more cynical on there, and angrier too,” she shared with Bored Panda.

“The character limit differentiates it from every other network, enabling you to read posts more quickly. I personally love it and am on there all the time,” she stressed that Twitter is great for the modern crowd which has a shorter attention span.

According to Ariane, Twitter “is definitely darker” than some of the other social media platforms. At the same time, she believes this actually makes the site far more genuine than others. “I kind of like that though, it’s real,” she opened up to Bored Panda.

“To avoid getting canceled, just steer clear of hot button topics like race, etc, because it’s very easy to inadvertently say the wrong thing, and try not to make any jokes that could be misconstrued as your genuine opinion, even if you’re just being ironic,” Ariane explained some of Twitter’s etiquette to us. That is if you don’t want to get canceled.

“The positives for me are: meeting great people I otherwise wouldn’t have, learning about fun trends such as Wordle which would otherwise have passed me by, keeping up with news stories and hot takes on them, discovering cool accounts, getting DM’d with work opportunities, going viral with jokes,” she shared some of the main upsides of the platform that explain why so many people—from stars to commoners—love it so much.

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