10 Times Celebrities Photobombed Their Fans


In some instances, celebs have photobombed their fans to create some hilarious memories. These are some of the best.

One of the coolest things ever would be to have your favorite celebrity walk up on you while you were in the middle of taking a picture! Even cooler? If they offered to join in the picture with you or even happened to get caught in the background of your memorable shot! Some celebrities consistently refuse to take pictures with fans because they don’t feel like it is worth their time.

Other celebrities will stop and give their fans attention and love whenever they are able to! In some instances, celebs have photobombed their fans to create some hilarious memories. These are some of the best.

10 Steven Tyler

steven tyler

Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith, a band that performs rock music, heavy metal, and rhythm & blues. The band formed in 1970 which is decades ago but to this day, so many people still absolutely obsess over Steven Tyler and the rest of his band members. That includes Joe Perry, Joey Kramer, Brad Whitford, and Tom Hamilton. Steven Tyler hilariously photobombed this picture and probably didn’t even notice he was doing it.

9 Selena Gomez

selena gomez

This fan was obviously in the middle of recording something when Selena Gomez walked into the room and took her by complete surprise. She was totally shocked to see Selena Gomez and pretty much anyone in the world would be! Selena Gomez is one of the most popular and sought-after celebrities of this generation. She has millions of followers on Instagram and she has been loved since her Disney Channel days. This fan definitely got a wonderfully lucky surprise.

8 Dave Chapelle

dav chappelle

The couple posing for a romantic picture together had no idea that Dave Chapelle was walking right up behind them! This picture is a perfect example of what a celebrity photobomb looks like. It is completely unplanned, totally candid, and extremely hilarious. The couple is staring into each other’s eyes without any other concerns in the world. We wonder how they reacted once they realize that Dave Chapelle was right behind them. He is one of the most hilarious comedians ever.

7 Keanu Reeves

keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves posed with a happy couple on what looks like their wedding day. They most likely had no idea that he was going to be passing through the area where they were tying the knot.

When he noticed that the couple had just enjoyed their wedding ceremony, he jumped into a picture with them! Kiana Reaves seems like the type of actor who has a really great sense of humor.

6 Queen Elizabeth II

queen elizabteh 2

It appears that two female athletes were posing together in front of what looks like the fence alongside an athletic field when Queen Elizabeth II was passing by behind them. She ended up photobombing their picture with a smile on her face. She knew that they were taking a picture and she knew that she was most likely going to end up in the shot so she made sure to put a quick smile on for the memory.

5 Jason Momoa

jason momoa

It’s hilarious that Jason Momoa photobombed this happy couple’s wedding picture and pretended to stab them with a wooden stick. The face he’s making proves that he has such a silly sense of humor.

The couple seems to be lost in their moment of affection but it is most likely that this shot was totally planned out before they actually took the picture. Jason Momoa is incredible and any fan would be lucky to cross paths with him.

4 Chris Hemsworth


Notice Chris Hemsworth in the background leaning against the fence by the pool? That’s because it is totally Chris Hemsworth hanging out back there with a bottle of something to drink in his hand and a hat on top of his head. The couple posing for a picture might not even notice that he is standing behind them! How can you not notice the actor who played Thor though?

3 Miley Cyrus & Jimmy Fallon

Miley cyrus

Jimmy Fallon and Miley Cyrus were taking a bite into some unidentifiable food item behind three fans who most likely didn’t even know that they were there! The three female fans were sitting on a prop chair for The Voice taking a picture together with two major celebrities only inches away. It is hilarious that they most likely didn’t know until they turned around.

2 Adele


Adele crept up behind a couple of her fans who were posing on the red carpet at one of her events and she was most likely getting ready to surprise them with your presence. The fact that they are fans of hers and obviously came to that particular event in order to hear her saying proves that her photobombing their picture is totally worth it! Adele’s face in this picture is gold!

1 Sam Smith

sam smith

How can you not notice someone like Sam smith standing right behind you?! For these two women checking out something over a bridge, noticing Sam Smith was the last thing on their mind. Hilariously enough, he pulls behind them with a peace out sign. At this moment, Sam Smith was clearly living his best life.

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