10 Things We Learned About Celebrities From Their Memoirs

Over the years, we have been blessed with loads of celebrity memoirs, many of them churned out faster than we could blink.

Life is meant to be lived. When it’s done right, we are left with only but a few regrets. And when we’ve tried all we can, and broken barriers, it’s only right that we hand over the baton to other generations. What’s the use of sitting with all that knowledge you’ve amassed? That’s where memoirs come in. They are a good way to archive anyone’s story, regardless of who they are or where they are from. After all is said and done, every single story counts.

Over the years, we have been blessed with loads of celebrity memoirs, many of them churned out faster than we could blink. A few celebrities like the late Cicely Tyson took their time until they had something meaningful to say, even after decades in Hollywood . Whether the motive was to inspire coming generations or make more money, some surprising things have been revealed on celebrity memoirs. These are a few things we learned.

10 The Obamas Had To Go To Couples Therapy

Looking so sharp!
Via Quartz

The graceful manner with which the Obamas conducted themselves , while carrying the free world on their shoulders, earned them a lot of admirers. They epitomized black love. Unknown to many, the couple had worked on their relationship. In first lady Michelle Obama’s memoir, Becoming (2018), she revealed that the couple had been to marriage counseling. Initially, she wanted to ‘fix’ Barrack, but realized that she needed to improve too.

9 Rose McGowan’s First Love Was Murdered In Cold Blood

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Rose McGowan’s role as Paige Matthews in the drama series Charmed made her a household name. The actress has been steady on the hustle since. Her 2018 memoir, Brave, revealed that at 15, she dated club owner Brett Cantor, who was stabbed to death. The case has remained unsolved. In her memoir, Rose McGowan also revealed details of an encounter with convicted Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein.

8 Hunter Biden Had His First Drink At The Age Of 8

Hunter Biden memoir
Via People

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, released a memoir named Beautiful Things  in 2021. Its title was inspired by his late brother Beau, and refers to the pursuit of simple joys. Hunter revealed that his alcohol addiction began when he was only 8. The incident happened in 1978. He made away with a glass of champagne, as celebrations of his dad’s re-election to the senate were ongoing.

7 Gabrielle Union’s First Marriage Was Horrific

Union smiling on the red carpet.
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The Being Mary Jane star is still a fan favorite, thanks to miracle baby Kaavia James, who is an undefeated princess of shade. While Union has seemingly reached nirvana with husband Dwayne Wade, her first marriage wasn’t so glorious. In We’re Going To Need More Wine (2017), she goes into details surrounding her turbulent first marriage. In addition to enduring infidelity, Gabrielle Union found herself funding NFL player, Chris Howard’s luxurious lifestyle.

6 Matthew McConaughey Wanted To Quit Acting

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Via The Washington Post

McConaughey arguably ranks amongst the best of the best, as far as romcoms are concerned. He’s wowed the audience on Tiptoes (2004), My Boyfriend’s Back (1993), and Dazed and Confused (1993), just to mention a few. In his memoir Greenlights (2020), he revealed that by 2008, he was ready to hang his boots. He considered changing careers, and toyed with the idea of becoming a teacher, or a musician.

5 Chelsea Handler Visited A Psychiatrist After Donald Trump’s 2016 Win

Chelsea with the smile
Via Business Insider

Life Will Be The Death Of Me (2019) Author, comedian Chelsea Handler lost it when Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump in 2016. She had to do something about it, so she paid to see a psychiatrist, who listened to her go off for three weeks. This is, without a doubt, a classic Chelsea act.

4 Keith Richards Snorted His Dead Father’s Ashes

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In his 2010 memoir, Life (2010), Keith Richards admitted to snorting the ashes of his dead father, Bert. As he took the lid off the box, a fine spray of his ashes blew to the table. He run his finger over the mess, and snorted the residue.

3 Cecily Tyson Had A ‘Secret’ Daughter

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This year, we lost acting legend Cecily Tyson only a few days after the release of her memoir, Just As I Am. In the book that details her long  journey in Hollywood, she introduced her daughter by a pseudonym, Joan. Joan, she said, had “paid the biggest price for the gift to all.” Joan was born in 1943, when Cecily was 18 years old. At the time the memoir was written, she and her daughter were not in good terms.

2 Trevor Noah’s Mum Was Shot In The Face

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Comedian Trevor Noah stepped into the limelight when he took over The Daily Show from Jon Stewart in 2015. His memoir, Born a Crime, is an account of time spent in South Africa, his home country. One of his most memorable reveals, is how his mother was shot twice by Trevor’s former stepfather. Abel Shingange, the man in question, pleaded guilty to an attempted murder charge in 2009.

1 Priyanka Chopra’s Nose Was Nearly Chopped Off

Her story is unfinished.
via Outlook India

Recently, veteran actress Priyanka Chopra released a memoir, Unfinished. The 256-page labor of love reveals her experience in the hands of a surgeon. While retrieving a polyp off her nasal cavity, the doctor accidentally shaved the bridge of her nose. The collapsed bridge earned her the nickname ‘Plastic Chopra’. Though the nickname was in reference to plastic surgery, that wasn’t the case.

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