10 Most Affordable Celebs For Hire On Cameo (& How Much They Cost)

It made headlines when Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she would be offering cameo videos for $2,500. Most cameo videos are available for around $100.

Now that Cameo has become an interesting new way for fans to connect with their favorite celebrities, what it really comes down to is… How much is a fan willing to pay in order to get a custom video from their favorite star? Cameo allows paying customers to purchase birthday shoutouts, hilarious roasts, and everything in between.

It made headlines when Caitlyn Jenner revealed that she would be offering cameo videos for $2,500. Most cameo videos are available for around $100. The Kardashian family doesn’t necessarily approve of Caitlyn Jenner’s decision to record personal messages for her fans because they feel like it cheapens their brand. The celebrities on this list aren’t concerned about “cheapening their brands” because they know that they are able to create awesome connections with their fans.

10 Heidi Montag – $75

Heidi Montag

Fans of Heidi Montag can get a chance to hear from her on cameo for $75. Her husband, Spencer Pratt, also offers cameo shoutouts for $75. Spencer and Heidi both have the same claim to fame. They starred on The Hills together alongside Lauren Conrad, Brody Jenner, Audrina partridge, Whitney Port, and Kristen Cavallari. Heidi Montague and Spencer Pratt are known for being very outspoken and a little bit eccentric. A cameo video from either one of them would be really interesting.

9 Jesse Metcalfe – $85

Jesse Metcalfe

Only costs $85 to get a cameo video from Jesse Metcalfe’s. Most people recognize this handsome actor from his time starring in John Tucker Must Die as John Tucker himself. He played the role of the heartthrob teenager that was juggling multiple girlfriends at one time. Since then, he’s done other roles including Chesapeake Shores, A Country Wedding, and Christmas Next Door.

8 Perez Hilton – $90

Perez Hilton

Professional gossiper and blogger, Perez Hilton, costs $90 on Cameo. Getting a cameo video from him would be a lot of fun because he is very witty and quick with his words. He knows how to make a lot of jokes and turn almost anything into humor.

He launched his celebrity gossip website back in the early 2000s and the rest has been history. A lot of people trust his website to be their main source of information when it comes to celebrity culture.

7 Farrah Abraham – $95

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham is one of the most memorable women to come from Teen Moms on MTV. She is one of the most controversial people to be part of the show because of social media content that she posts including her daughter that a lot of people consider to be too edgy. She takes criticism all in stride and doesn’t let it get in the way of her financial flow. She collects $95 per cameo video that she records.

6 Brooke Hogan – $100


Brooke Hogan is the daughter of Hulk Hogan and she was once part of his reality TV show Hogan Knows Best with him. She has also pursued acting, singing, songwriting, modeling, and social media influencing over the years.

In order to get a cameo video from Brooke Hogan, it costs about $100. It definitely doesn’t break the bank to get a shout out from this blonde bombshell.

5 Soulja Boy – $100

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is another celebrity on cameo who is willing to record shout out videos for $100. Soulja Boy is an extremely talented rapper who has been in the game since 2007 when his single “Crank That” reached number one in the US. Soulja Boy has such an awesome personality and any shout out videos that he would do for cameo would definitely showcase how funny and creative he is. His rap music truly and positively impacted the early 2000s.

4 Lisa Loeb – $100

Lisa Loeb

Lisa Loeb is willing to record shoutout videos on cameo for $100. She is a Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter. Back in 1984, she released the song “Stay” and it became a number one single without her even having a recording contract. She broke records and became a huge deal in the 90s. Getting a shoutout video from her would totally be incredible for anyone who has been a fan of her over the last three decades.

3 Taye Diggs – $125

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs is willing to do cameo videos for $125 he has been active in the Hollywood industry since 1996 and has made a huge name for himself over the last three decades. Lately, the biggest show he is part of his called All American where he plays the role of Billy Baker, the main football coach. The show is incredible to watch and first premiered on the CW network. It is also available for streaming on Netflix.

2 Keri Hilson – $150

Keri Hilson

It costs $150 to get a cameo video from Keri Hilson, the beautiful singer, songwriter, and dancer. In 2009, Keri Hilson was really on top of her game releasing some awesome songs like “Knock You Down“ and “Turnin Me On.” In 2010, the trend of her great songs continued with “Pretty Girl Rock” and more. It would be so exciting to find out that she is planning to release more music since the few years that she spent releasing music are some of the best! Beyond her music career, she has also spent a lot of time focused on acting as well.

1 Kat Graham – $150

Kat Graham

A show like The Vampire Diaries simply would not have been the same without Kat Graham. It cost $150 to get a cameo video from her these days. In The Vampire Diaries, she played the role of Bonnie Bennett, the best friend and trusted ally to the main character who was played by Nina Dobrev. Kat Graham has done a lot more than just The Vampire Diaries which is why she is definitely worth every penny when it comes to getting a cameo video.

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