10 Celebrities Who Should Be On The Masked Singer UK Season 3


Just as it has done in America, The Masked Singer has also taken off in the United Kingdom, with the popular reality show proving to be a true hit. Whether it’s the elaborate costumes, the mystery of guessing who is behind the mask or seeing celebrities in a totally different environment to normal, the show has a wide appeal to a lot of people.

Because of its success, a third season seems inevitable, but who could appear next? So far the show has brought the likes of Glenn Hoddle, Ne-Yo, and Jason Manford into the mix, but with so many talented singers in different realms of the celebrity world, there are a lot of great options for the show moving forward.

10 Matt Lucas

Matt Lucas as Nardole in Doctor Who

Matt Lucas is best known for his comedy work, especially for being involved in Little Britain, however, he has also had a big role in Doctor Who as well. Whatever he does, Matt tends to be successful, but because he’s so funny a lot of people aren’t aware he’s actually a great singer.

Matt has performed on the West End and has a long-running history with the musical, Les Miserables. Because of that, he’s someone that would likely throw a lot of personality into things, but he could also surprise a few with his vocal ability.

9 John Barnes

John Barnes singing on Celebrity Big Brother

So far there has been a soccer player on both seasons of the UK version, and that makes sense considering how popular the sport is there. Because of that, it would also be good to see John Barnes take up one of the roles behind the mask in the third season.

Barnes is a soccer legend, going down in history as one of Liverpool’s greatest players. However, he is also known as someone who likes to sing and rap, as he does have an official song which he did for England’s national team. It would be fun to play on his past and he could easily keep people guessing.

8 Peter Andre

Peter Andre singing live

While Peter Andre would have a distinct advantage considering that being a singer is his profession, it’s something that plenty of contestants have been in the past. The show has brought on nostalgic pop acts in the past, and Peter Andre would be a great choice for that.

His accent would possibly throw people off, plus because he’s so fun-loving with his attitude, he’d likely fit in perfectly with what is a pretty strange concept. Peter has done reality television before, so there’s no reason to presume history can’t repeat itself.

7 Donny Osmond

Donny Osmond wins Dancing With The Stars

Donny Osmond has a history with The Masked Singer, as he actually competed in the first season of the show in America, finishing as a runner-up. However, that is why he’d be a lot of fun as a participant in the UK version of the show, as it would be harder for people to work him out.

Donny even appeared as a guest judge once on the UK version, so the clues could be excellent in tricking people. He’s someone who has a huge personality and has thrived on multiple reality shows across his career, so doing that again could be fun.

6 Shane Ritchie

Shane Ritchie on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

Shane Ritchie is a beloved name in the UK, having been a big part of the legendary soap opera, EastEnders for a long time. He’s a great actor and someone with plenty of confidence, plus with a history as a singer as well, he feels like an ideal fit.

Shane Ritchie recently took part in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! proving he’s more than happy to tackle a reality show and seeing him in this environment has the potential to be tons of fun.

5 Ashley Roberts

Ashley Roberts on a talk show

Ashley Roberts is someone who was speculated as a contestant heavily during the second season of the show, as a lot of clues felt like they fit for the former Pussycat Dolls singer. However, that wasn’t the case, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be involved in the future.

Ashley has done a couple of British reality shows and was even part of WWE’s Legends House series. Adding this to the list would be great as this suits her style as a singer and a dancer, being able to blend both of those worlds in an entertaining manner.

4 Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh has done it all in the entertainment world, from hosting a popular quiz show in The Chase to starring in a famous soap opera in Coronation Street, and he’s even been involved in Doctor Who. Therefore, now it is time for Bradley Walsh to tackle the world of reality television.

While he’s known for his acting work, Bradley is a singer and is more than capable of belting out a tune, which is something that would work well for him on this show, if given the chance.

3 James Nesbitt

James Nesbitt i Cold Feet

James Nesbitt has been involved in some huge television shows across his career, from Cold Feet to Line Of Duty, and he’s someone that everybody would love to see on The Masked Singer. He’s known to be someone capable of singing, which means he’d fit right in here.

James Nesbitt has a big personality, but he’s also an experienced actor, meaning he could try and disguise who he is through his behavior, and the clues could be impressively varied due to how much he’s achieved.

2 Sir Ian McKellen

Ian McKellen as Gandalf in The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug

How great would it be to see movie royalty appearing in a reality show like The Masked Singer? The legendary actor has done it all in his career, from dramatic roles to major franchises and everything in between, and seeing him on a show like this would just be great fun for everyone.

He’s the type of star that nobody would suspect to be involved, which would make guessing him quite a difficult thing to do. The surprise reveal would be an epic moment.

1 Phillip Schofield

Phillip Schofield singing as Joseph

Phillip Schofield is beloved in the UK, and he’s one of the greatest television hosts of all time. He is someone who has a lot of personality and loves to have fun and that’s why this show seems perfect for him. Plus, with The Masked Singer being on ITV, there’s a great chance it could happen, with that being the channel where he does his work.

Phillip is a former musical theatre performer, having been involved in the musical, Joseph And The Technicolour Dreamcoat, therefore he has the voice to surprise people and be a potential dark horse to win if he was to consider it.

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