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Sometimes celebrities have some pretty decent advice. Although, we don’t think the first person you should turn to for parenting advice should be a celebrity, they do know a thing or two. It also helps that they have a lot of access to things that normal people may not have in life. In fact, many celebrities have taken their expertise to the next level as many of them have gone on to write parenting books, or at least a lot about what it’s like to raise a child.

From actual scientific reasons, to advice given to them, and even dealing with things first hand, you would be surprised to find out just how many celebrities have written parenting books. It’s up to you, whether or not you’ll seek parenting advice from a celebrity, or do the research on your own. Either way, these celebs aren’t afraid to share baby advice and their parenting books have become such a pleasant surprise to read.

10 Mayim Bialik – ‘Beyond the Sling’

mayim bialik
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Mayim Bialik of the show The Big Bang Theory is not just an actress — she has a Ph.D. in neuroscience, too. Because of this, she really knows what she’s talking about, especially when it comes to the science side of taking care of taking care of children. In the book Beyond The Sling, she talks about her ideas of parenting and what she thinks is right, and that parents really just need to follow their child’s natural rhythm.

In the book, she talks a lot about the attachment method which means that it’s okay to be attached to your child whether it be through breastfeeding, co-sleeping with them, carrying them rather than pushing them in a stroller, anything that keeps them close to the parent. She talks about how it’s all in our biology and it’s all perfectly normal.

9 Amy Poehler – ‘Yes Please’

amy poehler
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Comedian and actress Amy Poehler’s memoir, Yes, Please, surprisingly focuses a lot on parenting, and how she handles life as a Hollywood mom. She talked about how she often uses the phrase, “Good for her! Not for me.” Instead of comparing herself to other moms, she doesn’t make it a competition and instead uses her phrase to not dwell on things. She also talked about the birth of her children, and her struggles while having them. A big thing she also focused on was that parents need help, and it’s okay to ask for help when you need it.

8 Kelly Rowland – ‘Woah, Baby!’

kelly rowland
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Kelly Rowland used her book, Woah, Baby!  to discuss her experiences with having a baby and learning how to become a parent. She wrote the book with her OB/GYN and together they discuss the ups and downs of parenting. She talks a lot about the gross side of parenting like how much your body changes, and what can happen during childbirth. She also discussed how she struggled with the physical changes that happened to her body bother during and after having a baby and that some things really aren’t all that glamourous after all.

7 Jenny McCarthy – ‘Belly Laughs’

jenny mccarthy
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In her book Belly Laughs, Jenny McCarthy gets real about pregnancy and childbirth. Jenny gets really real when it comes to discussing what to expect when you’re expecting. The book is a funny take on pregnancy, and not only does it get real when it comes to your body changing throughout the pregnancy and after the pregnancy, but what to expect in between. It’s nice to read about a celebrity going through the same things that all women do and definitely assures you that not all pregnancies are pretty.

6 Michelle Obama – ‘Becoming’

michelle obama
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In former First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming, she surprisingly talks a lot about her struggles with pregnancy, getting pregnant, and then eventually the joys of becoming a mother. The Obamas struggled to get pregnant, and as a result, had to turn to IVF to get pregnant. Michelle Obama went through a lot before she successfully got pregnant through IVF.

She suffered a miscarriage and struggled with giving herself needles, but she went through it all because she wanted to become a mother. It really gives the reader an inside look at the struggle to have a child and become a mother, and that it’s not that easy for everyone, not even the former President and First Lady.

5 Alicia Silverstone – ‘The Kind Mama’

alicia silverstone
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In her book The Kind Mama, Alicia Silverstone discusses preparing for pregnancy and the struggle that so many women go through to even get pregnant. One thing she talks a lot about is fertility, and what women can do to help themselves when it comes to their fertility. Alicia talks a lot about getting yourself ready to have a baby, and what the best practices are from what foods to eat, prenatal vitamins, and testing. She encourages women to trust their own instincts, and that you know more than you think you do.

4 Ricky Martin – ‘Me’

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Ricky Martin’s memoir, Me, takes a deep dive into a lot of different topics such as his childhood, his sexuality, and most importantly, his children and his decision to have them. When he finally made the decision to have kids, he had to look at his options. Obviously not being able to have children himself, he made the decision to adopt children which gives the readers a look into adopting and the process of doing so. He also talks about the love he has for his kids, and nothing will ever change that, despite the fact that they’re adopted.

3 Brook Shields – ‘Down Came The Rain’

brook shields
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Brooke Shields has a completely different approach to writing her parenting book, covering a topic that affects many people, including herself. In her memoir Down Came The Rain, Brooke discussed her experience with postpartum depression after she had her daughter, as well as her recovery. Brooke got very candid about what she went through after giving birth to her daughter Rowan Francis and the struggle of having to raise a newborn, despite feeling what she was feeling. Eventually, she was able to overcome it, and she talks about overcoming things.

2 Tori Spelling – ‘Mommywood’

tori spelling
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Tori Spelling discusses her own take on being a mom in Hollywood in her book Mommywood. It’s very important for Tori to give her children a normal childhood — as normal as it can be when you have famous parents. In her book, she discusses that even though she’s a celebrity, she’s just like other moms, and she has to do things just like everyone else. The book really shows how down-to-earth Tori is and she shares a ton of hilariously humble stories about her kids and how she raises them with her husband.

1 Jessica Alba – ‘The Honest Life’

jessica alba
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Jessica Alba discusses parenthood in her book The Honest Life. In the book, she discusses how important it is to live healthily, and provides tips for what you can do to make healthy living fun. She shares what she does daily, and how she maintains her healthy lifestyle, as well as what she eats and what’s best for your baby to eat. She makes it easy for others to live a safe and healthy lifestyle and even talks about products from her The Honest Company that will help parents out too.

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