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General society has had an overall chiller attitude toward recreational marijuana use over the past 10 years, with the cannabis market growing into a multibillion-dollar industry.

With big money in the weed business, it’s no surprise that various people are flocking to the industry — including celebrities.

In honor of “420,” here are 10 celebs who dove into the cannabis industry.

Wiz Khalifa

It shouldn’t be surprising that Wiz Khalifa has built a presence within the weed industry. After all, with hits like “So High,” “Lit,” and “Medicated,” this rapper has undoubtedly embraced the stoner lifestyle.

Years ago, Wiz Khalifa referenced a weed strain bred specifically for him, Khalifa Kush, in a track called “KK.” Eventually, he turned Khalifa Kush into an empire that crafts different products.

It’s also worth noting that he launched a cannabis-themed game dubbed “Wiz Khalifa’s Weed Farm.”

Snoop Dogg

Like Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg entering the recreational marijuana business is something most people could’ve seen coming from a mile away.

In 2015, this West Coast legend launched a company called Leafs by Snoop and founded a cannabis lifestyle site named Merry Jane. Additionally, Snoop Dogg has a marijuana strain named after him.

Seth Rogan

Actor Seth Rogan, a self-proclaimed lover of weed, has also entered the market with his Houseplants brand.

The Knocked Up actor’s business sells aesthetically-pleasing paraphernalia, including trendy ashtrays, lighters, and similar goods. Notably, the flower produced by Houseplants began being sold in California dispensaries just last year.

The Game

If you couldn’t tell from his music (e.g., “Celebration”), The Game isn’t opposed to indulging in weed now and then.

In 2016, The Game notably became the first celebrity to partner with a legal dispensary. On top of this significant accomplishment, he also launched a company called Trees by Game.


This ever-busy entrepreneur joined the cannabis club back in 2020 with the launch of his brand, Monogram.

It’s also worth noting that JAY-Z has become involved in efforts to help diversify the weed industry. We love to see it!

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled has also entered the business, though in a different capacity from the celebs mentioned above.

DJ Khaled launched a CBD-infused men’s grooming line dubbed BLESSWELL. While this artist’s product can’t be ingested, it’s still a way to bring more cannabis-derived products into our daily routines.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has also gotten his foot into the cannabis industry. Late last year, the Biebs announced he would begin selling a strain named after his hit song “Peaches” in select states.

While his Peaches strain was only on sale for a limited time, he got a feel for the industry and put himself into a new arena.

Ice Cube

This rapper and Friday actor paid homage to his cult classic film with Fryday Cannabis, created in partnership with Caviar Gold.

Within the company, Ice Cube sells products dubbed “Fryday Kush” and “Good Day Kush,” giving something that’ll simultaneously grab the attention of both stoners and his cult movie fan base.


Xzibit is another rapper who’s gotten into the weed game, though it didn’t turn out quite as successfully as others on this list.

He previously worked with a brand dubbed Brass Knuckles, though it came under fire back in 2018 after people said it was laced with pesticides. Xzibit later launched another company called Napalm Cannabis. However, many argued the strain should be pulled from shelves because of the name’s reference to Napalm — a chemical used against innocent people during the Vietnam War.


Berner has arguably been one of the most successful celebs in the cannabis industry when it comes to celebrities in the weed game. In 2008, the “20 Joints” rapper launched his über-popular cannabis company, Cookies.

His business has grown into a behemoth that continually garners attention for its popularity and prominence among consumers. It’s also continuously growing, as Cookies announced an exclusive partnership with Wiz Khalifa’s brand, Khalifa Kush!

Shoutout to these celebs who are helping innovate the weed game!

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