10 Celebrities Who Have Had Beef With Beyoncé


Beyonce is a hard worker. When she debuted as part of Destiny’s Child in the late nineties, we were only beginning to experience her magic. She is one of the few artists who have made a successful transition from a group, birthing an over-the-top solo career. As of 2021, she goes on record as the female artist with the most Grammys (28), and ties with producer Quincy Jones in second place. Beyonce, alongside The Beatles’ Paul McCartney, also places second when it comes to Grammy nominations.

Beyonce has earned a good reputation in the industry owing to her stellar work ethic. It would be hard to fathom why anyone would be in her bad books. As it turns out, the music industry isn’t as kind as we’d like it to be. Some celebrities have publicly trashed the queen. Some of these feuds lasted a long time, why others were small moments of misunderstanding. Regardless, here are those who tampered with the ‘beehive’ in one way or another.

10 Kanye West

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For years, Kanye West and Jay-Z were friends and business partners. The duo created numerous hits including ‘Run This Town’, ‘Diamonds From Sierra Leone’, and ‘Monster’. Kanye, Jay-Z and Beyonce were so tight, he created one of Showbiz’s controversial moments when Beyonce didn’t win the best video for ‘Single Ladies’ in 2009. Years later, the partnership fell out and resulted in Kanye West ranting over Beyonce and Jay-Z.

9 Piers Morgan

Talking, as is the norm
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Piers Morgan has never been one to filter his words. His lack of compassion has seen him land in the mud a few times in the past. Most recently, his opinion on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, following their explosive tell-all interview with TV mogul Oprah Winfrey, saw him quit a six-year run at ‘Good Morning Britain.’ In 2016, after Beyonce released ‘Lemonade’, the television personality was quick to dismiss the project, saying, ‘It smacks of shameless exploitation.”

8 Etta James

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2009 was a great year for America. After years of waiting, President Obama was ushered into the office like the history-maker that he was. At the inaugural ball, Beyonce performed one of Etta James’ classics, ‘At Last.’ The veteran singer was however not too pleased. She said, ‘ I can’t stand Beyonce. She has no business up there…gonna be singing my song that I’ve been singing forever.’ Etta later said that was a joke, and when she passed away, Beyonce gave her a tribute on her website: ‘Etta James was one of the greatest vocalists of our time.’

7 Tiffany Haddish

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Beyonce is known to guard her privacy with everything she has. It’s no wonder her projects never leak before time because those NDAs are as strong as they come. When Tiffany Haddish rose to stardom, she didn’t quite get the memo, as she let it slip that someone had bit Beyonce at a party. As expected, Beyonce was so mad, she incorporated Tiffany into her lyrics. Things have calmed down since, as Tiffany has hangout with Tina Knowles more than once.

6 Keyshia Cole

A tweet against Beyoncé
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‘ Sent From Heaven’ star Keyshia Cole was not too pleased when Beyonce released her single ‘ Bow Down’ off her self-titled 2013 album. Irked by the lyrics, the singer tweeted: ‘ First, women need to stick together, now, *** better bow…Can’t stand when people are all self-righteous when it’s convenient. It makes them look good.’ The tweet was not well received by Beyonce’s fans who did not hesitate to clap back.

5 Keri Hilson

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Keri Hilson took a seven-year sabbatical from making music. While it’s understandable, many hinted that the ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ star’s career died a natural death because of openly blasting Beyonce. It all started when harsh lyrics from Keri’s ‘Turning Me On’ were thought to be about Beyonce. The Hive, Beyonce’s fanbase, took the feud to new levels while the two remained mum. In an interview on Out Loud with Claudia Jordan, Keri denied ever having a problem with Beyonce. However, her refusal to pick up a magazine that had Beyonce and Jay-Z on the cover said otherwise.

4 Amerie

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Fans believe in the ‘Beyonce Curse’. Once an artist disagrees with or pokes the hive, their career suddenly goes down the drain. While this is subject to discussion, history has proven this theory correct. Singer Amerie was the next big thing in 2005 when she dominated the airwaves with her smash hit ‘1 Thing’. However, a diss track that pointed towards female artists ( particularly Beyonce, as per the hive) stealing her style, sent her packing. Asked about the break on The Breakfast Club years later, she said, ‘ I don’t really chase after fame…No artist is an island’

3 Azealia Banks

Slamming Beyoncé in her tweets
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Azealia Banks has earned the reputation of being obnoxious on Twitter. She’s proven time and again to be on other artists’ necks while her own music career dies a slow death. It was not a big surprise when Beyonce became one of her many targets. After Beyonce released her 2016 album, Lemonade, Azealia attacked the singer’s talent, tweeting, ‘She’s not an artist, she is a poacher,’ in response to a piece by renowned writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. In a series of tweets, the rapper also called Beyonce ‘boring’.

2 Wendy Williams

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Television personality Wendy Williams has had a longstanding career based on the scandalous side of pop culture. Not one to mince her words, she as found herself, time and again, on the wrong side of celebrities’ books. In 2012, the talk show host came under fire when she insinuated that Beyonce had basic education. ‘ You know Beyonce can’t talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth-grade education. She can’t talk.”

1 Ashanti

LONDON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 31: Ashanti performs live on stage at Hammersmith Apollo on January 31, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)
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Singer Ashanti kept us dancing in the 2000s with hits like ‘Always On Time’, and ‘Foolish’. Despite her amazing vocals, she took a hiatus after adding a couple of albums to her name. In 2014, she returned to the scene with an album, Braveheart. While promoting her album, she described the competition with Beyonce as ‘friendly’. “ Everyone wants to do their best, right? It’s a competitive business but I was rooting for her. It was a friendly competition from my end.”

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