10 Celebrities Who Got Tattoos For Their Significant Others


There are tons of celebrities who have gone out and gotten a tattoo for a significant other and at one point in their lives.

these celebrities got tattoos for their significant others

When you’re young and in love, it goes without saying that you tend to do stupid things, and that goes for both celebrities and regular people. There are tons of celebrities who have gone out and gotten a tattoo for a significant other and at one point in their lives, whether it’s their name, something that reminds them of them, or even their actual face, celebrities will also do anything for love, even something as extreme as a tattoo.

Unfortunately, just like us normal people, celebs go through breakups too, and if you have a tattoo for a significant other turned ex, now you’re stuck with it forever. Of course, there always tattoo removal or even a coverup, but plenty of other celebrities are happily in love with tattoos for their significant others, too.

10 David Beckham

It’s no secret that David Beckham is covered head to toe in tattoos. He has a lot of meaningful tattoos and has quite a few for his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. On his right hand, he has her name in a beautiful script along with a swallow next to it. That’s not the only place that Victoria has her name on her husband, as he also has her name on the inside of his left arm in Sanskrit. That’s not all! He also has a pinup girl in lingerie on his left arm which was designed to look just like Victoria. So not only does he have her name tattooed on him twice, but she’s also physically immortalized on him forever. Talk about love!

9 Nick Cannon

nick cannon
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When Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were together, they were quite the loved-up couple. To show his love and devotion for Mariah, Nick decided that he would get a tattoo for her, except, he took it to the extreme. Originally, Nick got Mariah’s name tattooed across his entire back from shoulder to shoulder. The tattoo was absolutely huge and definitely stood out for all to see.

When things started to go downhill for Nick and Mariah, fans were clued in that things were over when Nick was spotted shirtless and Mariah’s name was covered up with a huge crucifixion tattoo that pretty much covered his whole back, especially Mariah’s name.

8 Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have been through a lot together over the years. The two are happily married and have two adorable children, a daughter named Luna and a son named Miles. To celebrate their love for one another as well as their family, Chrissy and John decided that they were going to get matching tattoos to celebrate their love for each other. Chrissy got her tattoo, a small line of John, Luna, and Miles’ names connected on her forearm, while John got the same thing, replacing his name with Chrissy’s on his inner bicep. Chrissy shared an adorable snap of the matching tattoos on her Instagram.

7 Tyga

We all remember Tyga’s infamous relationship with Kylie Jenner. The two were together for a few years, and they were pretty serious. Apparently, they were serious enough that Tyga was willing to get a tattoo for Kylie. As a result, when he got a tattoo of her name on the inside of his arm. After the two broke up and Kylie moved on with Travis Scott and eventually had a baby with him, Tyga still had his Kylie tattoo, and it’s not clear whether or not he’s covered it up or has plans to do so.

6 Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong from the band Green Day has a lot of love for his wife, Adrienne, and the way he shows that is by getting tattoos for her. Billie Joe has a few tattoos for her, the first one being a film strip of Adrienne tattooed on his right forearm. On top of that, he also has a tattoo of her name along with a rose. And finally, he has the number 80 tattooed on him as he calls her Adie for short which sounds a lot like the number, and the fact that it’s the same name as a song that he wrote for her.

5 Carey Hart

Carey Hart, the husband of singer Pink, is another celebrity who is covered from head to toe in tattoos. To show his love and devotion to his wife, Carey decided that he wanted to get a tattoo for her. On the back of his right leg, you’ll see a portrait of Pink. The woman has short hair and is wearing a hat with roses on it. Her face resembles a skull but is still obviously meant to be Pink. Carey took getting a tattoo for his wife and took it a step further by literally getting her face tattooed on him.

4 Amber Rose

When Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were together, Amber was so in love with him that she decided to get him tattooed on her. On the back of her arm, Amber decided to get a portrait tattoo of the rapper, really showing off her love for him. Unfortunately, when things went south between the two and they split, Amber made the decision to get the tattoo covered up. These days where the Wiz tattoo once was is not a silhouette tattoo of the rocker Slash. Thankfully she was able to get rid of the tattoo and not have to have her ex awkwardly tattooed on her arm for the rest of forever.

3 Jehené Aiko

When Jehené Aiko and Big Sean started dating back in 2016, fans were kind of surprised to see that a few years later, Jehené got a portrait tattoo of the rapper on her arm. Not bothered by the scrutiny, she showed off her tattoo and didn’t let the haters get to her. These days, however, the tattoo is now covered up.

Instead of having Big Sean on her arm she now has a dragon covering up the tattoo on her arm and on her upper back. This, of course, sparked breakup rumors, but Jehené set the record straight saying that she just wanted a change and that she and Big Sean were still going strong.

2 Kat Von D

Back when Kat Von D was dating Jesse James, she was young and in love and decided that she was going to get a tattoo for him. She didn’t just get his name tattooed on her, but instead, she got a portrait of him. The tattoo was his fifth-grade school portrait, and she loved it at the time. However, once the two broke up, of course, she didn’t want a tattoo of her ex on her anymore. As a result, she decided that she wanted to get rid of it once and for all. Instead of covering the tattoo up, she went for the option of having it removed with a laser instead.

1 Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik is no stranger to getting tattoos for a significant other. Originally he had a cartoon image of his then-girlfriend Perrie Edwards of the girl band Little Mix. These days, now that he’s with Gigi Hadid and the two have a daughter with her, his tattoo for Perrie is covered up and he now has one for Gigi. Whenever Zayn is shirtless you can see that he has a set of eyes in the middle of his chest. If they look a little familiar, that’s because they’re Gigi’s eyes. Now, Gigi will always have her eyes on him — literally!

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