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From size inclusivity to women of color being put in the center stage, diverse celebrities are rising up to make space for their art. The women of Hollywood today in age are more diverse than ever, and they are breaking down barriers to see that change continues in the right direction.

In an industry that has a long history of ignoring diverse voices, it is changing because women are making a point to see that it does. Looking at the top artists in the film, music and influencer industries it is inspiring to see so many incredible women expressing themselves and making change.

Here are 10 celebrities who are speaking up and creating change for a more diverse and inclusive world.

10 Lizzo

Lizzo is a force to be reckoned with, from her new Hot Girl Summer song,  About Damn Time, to her brand new inclusive shapewear brand. The Grammy-winning artist is all about empowering women of color and people with all different body shapes to be themselves, love themselves and take up space.

Lizzo’s career is on fire, and she is just getting started on opening up the industry to more diverse voices, perspectives and art.

9 Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has been in the industry since she was a teenager, and has decided to make changes for herself in the last few years such as opening up about her struggle with mental health and feeling free to express herself as a Mexican woman. Her first all Spanish album was a reclamation that she will sing in whatever language she pleases and commit to creating space for Latinas in the industry.

Her beauty brand Rare Beauty is also committed to redefining beauty standards to be a celebration of diversity and above all advocating for mental health via campaigns and funding.

8 Adut Akech

One of today’s top models is Adut Akech, check out any luxury fashion house runway and you will see her among the greats, and this is just the kick start of her career. The Somalian model’s art and expression are creating diversity in the industry, not to mention breaking down barriers for anyone to enter despite their background, Akech was a refugee and now a top model.

She is a UN ambassador for refugees rights, using her experience to not just change the industry by change the world

7 Hoyeon Jung

Jung is no newbie to the industry, although you know her as the dazzling star from the viral TV show, Squid Game. She has actually been modeling for years, and recently challenged herself to act when offered the part in the series, and is nailing it.

She has since landed more modeling campaigns, and recently appeared The Weeknd’s new music video. Among all of her accomplishments is her representation of Asian women in mainstream media, challenging beauty standards and shifting the industry.

6 Beanie Feldstein

Beanie Feldstein got started in the industry pretty young and was often cast as the sidekick. She has recently risen to have her moment in the limelight with several big movie gigs, and playing the lead in Funny Girl on Broadway.

Looking at her viral Gucci campaign, it is clear that Feldstein is no longer a sidekick but the main character. She has spoken out openly about size inclusion and not being willing to change her body for the industry, and also representation for queer women in mainstream media.

5 Halsey

Halsey makes the list of celebrities creating change because she has been very open about her journey with health and reproductive health as well as her journey in becoming a mother. They recently went public about their multiple diagnoses which include several autoimmune diseases and genetic disorders that have caused the singer to be hospitalized multiple times, be very sick and suffer from chronic pain.

They are taking a step back from the limelight because their body is requiring it, but it is very admiral of them to normalize health and take a break when they need it, even amongst massive success.

4 Issa Rae

Issa Rae has been making room for diversity since the minute she launched her youtube series,  Awkward Black Girl, which later became HBO’s Insecure. Since finishing up her show, she has launched a media production company that is dedicated to uplifting diverse voices in all senses of media.

Rae is making an impact, and just getting started.

3 Simone Ashley

The Bridgerton and Sex Education star is having a big moment with the release of Bridgerton season 2, and she has won over the heart of audiences.

In interviews, she talks about how important it is to not only uplift diversity in the industry but celebrates it on screen with culturally appropriate roles and interactions. As a South East Asian woman, her role as Kate and being allowed to celebrate her culture in the role is something she wants to push for in the industry.

2 Rihanna

Rihanna is one of the greatest cultural icons of this decade from her boundary-pushing music to her body and gender-inclusive beauty and lingerie brand, Fenty.

The singer and CEO speak openly about the importance of being a powerful Black woman and that she wants to uplift and path the way for more Black women to be successful and fulfill their dreams. She is now embarking on a new journey, being a mother.

1 Camila Cabello

From the all-girl band Fifth Harmony to becoming a worldwide solo artist, the singer is proudly taking up space as a Mexican-Cuban American woman. Her music is often in both Spanish and English, reflecting her bilingual life and she is constantly uplifting Latinas in the industry as well as using her art to celebrate her heritage and family.

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