10 Best Celebrity Cameos In Horror Movies


The horror genre is one of the greatest in the movie world, and over the years there have been some amazing movies created. Within those movies, many actors have wowed audiences with their performances, helping to weave the narrative to provide the right level of spooks and scares for the viewers.

However, while many actors have had major parts in horror movies, some celebrities have only popped in to make cameo appearances. Whether it be an actor that just had a small role, or someone from a different world jumping into a movie for a one-off experience, this genre has created some fantastic cameos.

10 Hulk Hogan (Gremlins 2)

Hulk Hogan screaming at the Gremlins in Gremlins 2

Hulk Hogan is a well-known celebrity around the world, known for being one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He has jumped into the acting world several times throughout his career, in a variety of different roles, which includes a cameo in Gremlins 2. 

The Hulkster pops up during the intermission of the movie, which is when the Gremlins themselves take over the cinema. The manager then heads to Hulk, who just so happens to be sat in his ring gear who then gets up and cuts a wrestling promo towards the characters, screaming at the Gremlins to be quiet in what is quite a comedic cameo.

9 Chris Jericho (Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!)

Chris Jericho beaing attacked by a shark in Sharknado 3

Hulk Hogan isn’t the only professional wrestler that has been able to make a cameo within a horror movie. Chris Jericho popped up in Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! which is a franchise that has become incredibly popular with fans around the world.

Cameos are consistent within these movies, and in the third installment, Chris Jericho was able to appear. He was a ride attendant in the movie, working at Universal Studios Florida on a rollercoaster when the sharks began to appear, which led to a tough situation for him.

8 Wes Craven (Scream)

Scream - Wes Craven Cameo as Freddy

Wes Craven is a huge name in the world of horror, as one of the greatest directors and screenwriters that the genre has ever seen. However, while his work behind the camera is tremendous, in Scream, he gets to make a fun cameo that pays tribute to one of his most famous characters, Freddy Kruger.

Wes is the director of both the Scream and Nightmare On Elm Street movies, and during the former, he pops up as a janitor in the school. However, the fact he comes out in a similar jumper to what Freddy wears is something that horror fans love.

7 David Hasselhoff (Piranha 3DD)

David Hasselhoff saves a boy in Piranha 3DD

Piranha 3DD might not be one of the biggest horror movies of all time, but it is one that features a fantastic cameo from David Hasselhoff. The movie brings in a comedic nod to David’s time on Baywatch, as he works as a lifeguard in the water park.

After a boy needs help, David leaps into action in true Baywatch style with his run and the classic music. However, the moment screeches to a halt when he realizes that he’s old, which is a funny moment within the movie.

6 Anna Paquin & Kristen Bell (Scream 4)

Kristen Bell stabs Anna Paquin in Scream 4 cameos

One of the great things about the Scream franchise is that it is self-aware. Because of that, it is able to bring in comedy at times and it can feel natural as it fits the tone of the movie, which is what happens in Scream 4 right at the start, which leads to cameos from Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell.

At the start of the movie, different characters are shown in the made-up movie franchise, Stab. This is where the two celebrities make their cameo appearances, with Kristen Bell’s character being the murderer within that world.

5 Carrie Fisher (Scream 3)

Carrie Fisher makes a cameo within Scream 3

Speaking of the Scream franchise, in the third installment, there was another amazing cameo, as Carrie Fisher popped up within the movie. She wasn’t involved in any murders like Kristen Bell, but instead, she brought some great comedy to the movie.

Carrie is a secretary in this movie, which gives a big wink to how people know her. She claims within the movie that she was almost put into Star Wars, but lost the role for sleeping with George Lucas, which is a funny moment for fans of hers.

4 Ozzy Osbourne (Trick Or Treat)

Ozzy Osbourne as a preacher in Trick Or Treat

Ozzy Osbourne is someone who has a lot of personality, which makes him perfect for any type of movie cameo. He pops up in Trick Or Treat, where he works as a preacher. He appears on television by showcasing the preaching that his character is known for.

It’s only a brief cameo, but it’s one that is a lot of fun and is something that rock and roll fans enjoyed seeing, with Ozzy clearly giving a lot to his short performance.

3 Chester Bennington (Saw: The Final Chapter)

Chester Bennington in a trap during Saw: The Final Chapter

The late Chester Bennington was a terrific singer for Linkin Park, but he also proved himself to be a great actor. He provided a cameo in Saw: The Final Chapter, where he was one of the victims for the elaborate traps that the franchise was well-known for.

He was part of an amazing trap that saw him glued to a car, where he had to try and escape the situation to pull down on a level that would stop a chain of events that would harm several others as well.

2 LL Cool J (Halloween H20: 20 Years Later)

LL Cool J on the phone in Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

LL Cool J is someone who got the chance to go face to face with Michael Myers in his horror cameo, appearing in the movie Halloween H20: 20 Years Later. He is a security guard in the movie and ends up encountering Michael Myers while he does his work.

However, despite the horror icon appearing behind him, creepily stalking the security guard, LL Cool J actually survives in this movie, with Michael Myers opting to not kill him in a rare moment of kindness.

1 Bill Murray (Zombieland)

Bil Murray as a zombie in Zombieland

Bill Murray is a legendary actor who is best known for his work in Ghostbusters. However, he does also pop up within the horror movie, Zombieland. He gets to play a version of himself, and it’s one that is a lot of fun.

He is able to appear as a zombie within this movie, which helps to make his cameo stand out as a memorable one, with Bill making the most of the situation in his performance.

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