10 A-List Stars Who Don’t Like Dating Other Celebrities

It’s no secret that Hollywood is a fertile ground for love, but these celebrities choose not to be romantically involved with their fellow stars.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is a fertile ground for love. Movie stars spend a lot of time together rehearsing their lines, and it’s no secret that they could eventually fall in love with each other. And, as relationship experts noted in an article for Insider, it’s hard for celebs to date ordinary people due to their status in society.

However, be it due to the heavy touring or shooting schedules or the constant exposure from paparazzi or whatever other reason, these celebrities choose not to be romantically involved with their fellow Hollywood superstars. From multi-million selling musicians like Ed Sheeran and Eminem to groundbreaking actors like Aaron Paul and Keke Palmer, here are some of the Hollywood stars who don’t like dating other celebs.

10 Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran, Cherry Sheaborn
Via Ed Sheeran/YouTube

Ed Sheeran might have had his fair share of relationships with famous people. He’s notably a close ally to Taylor Swift, collaborating with her on several albums. And, he’s dated the likes of singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt and, reportedly, Ellie Goulding before settling down with his former high school classmate, Cherry Seaborn in 2019.

9 Eminem

Eminem, Kim
Via Eminem/Angry Blonde

Eminem’s status as the highest-selling hip-hop artist of all time does not make him fall for all the Hollywood glam. After an unsuccessful off-and-on relationship with former high school sweetheart Kimberly Scott, Em did have a couple of run-ins with some Hollywood stars, like Brittany Murphy and Mariah Carey. However, the rapper has admitted that he has some kind of trust issues when it comes to women from Hollywood.

8 Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart and wife
Via Getty

Comedian and former The Daily Show host Jon Stewart met his now-wife a month after his 1990s MTV show, You Wrote It You Watch It, was canceled from the network. They met on a blind date at a Mexican restaurant in 1996, and the rest is history. The two married in 2000 and are still going strong until now, with two adorable children enlivening their house.

7 George Clooney

George Clooney
Via Getty

Golden Globe-winning superstar and former ER actor George Clooney is a man of intelligence; hence it comes as no surprise that he would want an independent and sharp-minded woman to accompany him. Despite having a laundry-list of Hollywood actresses who have dated him, the actor became engaged to British-Lebanese human rights lawyer,  Amal Clooney in 2014. They tied the knot the same year.

6 Seth Meyers

Seth Myers
Via Getty

Seth Meyers is a familiar face in the late-night talk show scene, but that doesn’t blind him from his wife of nearly eight years, Alexi Ashe. Just like Amal Clooney, Ashe is also an attorney. The two married in 2013 on a secretly private Jewish ceremony on Martha’s Vineyard island after meeting through Ashe’s sister, who happened to be a set designer for SNL.

5 Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson
Via Billboard

Songwriter and R&B star Keri Hilson once wrote songs for Britney Spears and The Pussycat Dolls. When it comes to relationships, though, as she told Chelsea Lately, she tries to stay away from rappers and other men with fame.

“When you mix a man who has popularity, who has money, who has b***hes, that’s a scary thing for me. It doesn’t speak to my insecurities, it’s just not the type of man that I want and I think I’m not the type of girl they want,” she told the host.

4 Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson
Via Wikimedia

Despite his status as a former member of the most desired boy band on the planet, Louis Tomlinson has always tried to keep things lowkey with his love life. As the band began to peak in 2011, the singer started dating then-student Eleanor Calder. The two had an off-and-on relationship for years. Even though the singer already has a baby from his short-term flight with a stylist, Tomlinson and Calder got back together in 2017.

3 Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul, Lauren
Via Getty

Breaking Bad and BoJack Horseman actor Aaron Paul found the love of his life, Lauren Parsekian, at the Coachella Music Festival. She’s a director and a pioneer of the Kind Campaign non-profit organization. Shortly after meeting, the two tied the knot in 2013. Since then, he’s helped her raise over $1.8 million for her organization’s great cause.

2 Adele

Via Getty

The ‘undisputed’ queen of heartbreak bops, Adele does not always go out with Hollywood big stars. For years, at least until they finalized their messy divorce papers in 2019, she was married to Simon Konecki, a charity entrepreneur. The two linked way back to 2011 when Adele’s career was starting to take off.

1 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer
Via Maarten de Boer

As one of the emerging Hollywood stars, Berlin Station actress Keke Palmer’s professional life demands a lot from her personal life too. Speaking to hosts Cori Murray, Charli Penn, and Yolanda Sangweni from the Yes, Girl! podcast, she said that she prefers dating anyone from outside the Hollywood ring.

“When I tell you dating is terrible, it’s so terrible because, like, there are times where it will be industry situations and I can tell that the guy is more excited about my career than I am,” she said.

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