10 2000s Celebrities WWE Shockingly Never Worked With


WWE loves working with celebrities from all fields of entertainment, whether it be singers, actors, or politicians; the company is happy to work with anybody. The aim is always to grow WWE’s reach and expand the company to new fans who may never have watched before, which is why so many celebrities have made appearances over the years.

Whether it be appearances for just a couple of segments, a promo, or a match itself, WWE has had some huge names involved with the product over the years. However, the company isn’t able to attract everyone, and for some reason that included these 10 2000s celebrities, who would’ve been a great fit.

10 Jason Lee

Jason Lee acting

During WWE’s Guest Host phase, it’s quite surprising the company didn’t bring Jason Lee onboard to take care of an episode. As someone who appeared in My Name Is Earl, which was a popular show in that decade, he could’ve played up to that character within the ring.

He was a popular celebrity at the time and would’ve worked well being a comedic guest host, interacting with the various talents at the time but unfortunately, it never quite worked out.

9 Seann William Scott

Sean William Scott

Another celebrity that WWE surprisingly never worked with is Seann William Scott. The big star of the American Pie franchise was one of the upcoming actors heading into the 2000s, but someone WWE didn’t bring in.

Fans would’ve relished seeing him in that environment, going back and forth with people on the microphone, which could’ve made for fantastic television. WWE could have easily booked William Scott into any number of edgy, comedic segments, and maybe even had him get physical with a midcard heel.

8 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

When it comes to reality stars and people who are trending, WWE is usually quick to get people in and make the most of their fame. However, with Paris Hilton, that somehow never happened.

Considering all of the celebrities from the reality world that WWE ended up working with, it’s a big surprise they never got one of the biggest pop culture stars at the time. Segments with the Divas division would’ve worked perfectly for Paris. The fact that her former assistant, Kim Kardashian has been involved with WWE, just proves that not working with Paris was a missed opportunity

7 Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

One of America’s greatest ever athletes is Michael Phelps, and during the 2000s he had plenty of success. It’s a surprise that the company never capitalized on that by bringing him in as an Olympic hero.

Fans would have loved seeing him in the company, and having him interact with some of the top heels at the time could’ve been a great segment and a way to push a top babyface by having them save him, eliciting a huge pop from audiences.

6 Dave Chapelle

Dave Chapelle

WWE loves working with comedians as they’re typically able to connect with the wrestling audience well. Dave Chapelle is one of the greatest of all time, and someone who really was at the top of the comedy game in the 2000s.

He’d have fit in nicely during that time, especially during the Ruthless Aggression Era, when the rules weren’t quite as tight. He’d have been able to cut some hilarious, off-the-cuff promos if he had been given the chance on programming.

5 Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom

In the 2000s, Orlando Bloom was one of the biggest actors on the planet. He was part of two huge action franchises in Lord Of The Rings and Pirates Of The Caribbean and because of that, he would have brought a big audience with him.

Given his roles are predominantly in action movies, there’s no doubt he could’ve taken a couple of bumps as well. It would have made the most of what was big in pop culture at the time, but WWE missed out on it.

4 David Beckham

David Beckham

David Beckham is one of the biggest sporting stars in the world, but he’s someone who does a lot more than just soccer. He was a brand, modeling and selling clothes and aftershave, and he was someone known around the world.

When he signed for LA Galaxy, it was one of the biggest stories in soccer at the time, and the fact he was in America made it perfect for him to appear in WWE. While he wouldn’t have been able to get physical due to his own career at the time, an appearance would still have been huge.

3 The Cast Of Friends

The cast of Friends

Friends was the biggest television show on the planet during its run, and by the time the 2000s rolled around, the show was well established. The main group often appeared to promote the show, yet somehow WWE never brought any of them onboard.

A one-off appearance from this group, who were some of the biggest growing stars around would’ve been a sure-fire hit for WWE at the time. Seeing them on a talk-show segment sitting on couches is something that is easy to imagine WWE doing, yet it never happened.

2 Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was one of the biggest breakout stars of the 2000s, and someone that everybody was talking about. He was one of the biggest names on the planet at the end of the decade, and somehow he never worked with WWE.

An appearance was heavily rumored for him at one stage, but nothing ended up taking shape. It’s a surprise that WWE didn’t even use his music and have him appear live for a PPV though, as it would have gained major attention.

1 Eminem


Speaking of big musical artists, Eminem was one of 2000s’ megastars and someone who was known around the world. While he wouldn’t have worked when WWE went PG, during the Ruthless Aggression Era, Eminem would have been a perfect fit to make an appearance.

A segment with him and John Cena during his Dr. Thuganomics days would have been massive for the company, and huge for John as a talent. It would have been a segment that WWE could have replayed for years moving forward.

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